About Us

We here at Montreal Nightlife are reasonably sure of a few things:

1. Everybody likes a good time.

2. Nobody wants to get ripped off.

3. Nobody needs the extra stress added to their lives of having to plan such an important trip out of town without being able to rely on local experts.

It’s these three certainties that prompted us in 2001 to open our service with the sincere desire to share the vast wealth of food, fun, culture, accommodations and just plain Good Time that is our beloved city of Montreal! As Natives we’ve always known what a treasure trove of World Class choices we’ve got here and we wanted to invite as many people as we could to enjoy our party.

And what does that party involve?

Let’s put it this way…what do you like?

We treat our customers like the rockstars they deserve to be and we offer a range of services when it comes to planning parties in Montreal.
We are:

  1. VIP concierge service, and we are able to assist A-Z with your:
    • Nightclubs
    • Restaurants
    • Strip clubs
    • Day time activities and all
    • Nighttime activities.
    • Complete event planning and management
    • Anything required for the event’s success, we will take care of for you.

      Examples of our VIP privileges include:

    • No cover charges
    • No line-ups
    • VIP access everywhere you go
    • The best reserved tables with bottles in the VIP areas of the clubs
  1. VIP host for the entire weekend, 24/7.
    Assigned to your event’s success, our hosts:


    • personally walk you into the venues passed the bouncers and straight to your table
    • are always available by text messages
    • uninstrusive and
    • always a few feet away
  1. Licensed travel agency, so we are able to assist you with
    • flights and hotels, and

Contact us to find out more about our all our packages and how we can give you the star treatment on your special weekend in Montreal.

In numbers:

  1. 2001- year we started operations
  2. 2- travel licences, operating across North America
  3. 2- offices, one in Montreal and one in Toronto
  4. 300 000- clients we have serviced
  5. $0 – mark ups. We believe in transparency and not taking advantage of visitors who do not know Montreal market pricing. Our clients pay exactly what they would pay if they paid the venues themselves.
  6. 1000- venues. We work with the best venues in the city. Nightclubs, Strip clubs, Restaurants, etc. We tailor your itinerary to the experience you are looking for, not a cookie-cutter itinerary for everyone.


How to Book

  1. Call us at 1-866-221-5885, and we will explain in greater detail the value we bring to your trip. No pressure sales or gimmicks, we will start guiding you on how to plan the best possible event.
  2. All our pricing is up front, on our Trip Builder. Use it to budget your trip. You can add hotel, modify it, assign your travelers to rooms, and add fun stuff like bottle service, hostesses, and more to tailor the trip to exactly what you are looking for.
  3. Share the information with your travelers. From the Trip Builder, you can e-mail yourself the package details. Forward that off to the other decision makers to discuss budgets and options. We can set up a conference call after that if required.
  4. Book. Either call us or book the trip directly on the Trip Builder.
  5. Let’s start locking in the fun stuff. As soon as the deposit has been collected, we start detailing your trip- where do you want to go? At what time? Do you know where or do you need our expertise?
  6. We made all the reservations, now arrive in Montreal rested and hydrated. This will be a phenomenal weekend, and we will have you experience things you have never experienced before.
  7. 20 years later… reminisce about this event with your buddies.

Still unsure? Just read our reviews