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When it comes to stag parties it is difficult to please everyone.

We don’t all have the same ideas about what the proper bachelor party should be and so today we thought that we might offer some suggestions for the more discerning Gentlemen (with a certain amount of disposable income) for when that wild night finally arrives. These have the Groom in mind with the guests in tow.

Before we get to our list, however, we have to plead with our bachelor party planning readers to accept this simple yet crucial suggestion prior to moving forward-

Make that Bachelor party night into a Bachelor Party Weekend!

Allow the lucky Groom and his even more fortunate guests to relax, settle in, get comfortable and really indulge in all that this special, boys-must-be-boys time has to offer. The opportunities open up so much more when you stretch the planned evening into a full weekend of fun!

Now let’s get right to our Top Bachelor Party Weekends!

Bachelor Party to the Extreme

Tired of pub crawls?

Sick of paintballs?

Bored with bowling?

Is your stag crew chock full of the more high-octane, thrill-seeking, no guts-no glory type of Alphas who are always looking for their next adrenaline fix? Then maybe it’s time to make that bachelor party into an extreme stag sports weekend!

And we strongly suggest you make it a weekend filled with not just one balls-to-the-walls activity but instead make it a 3 day extravaganza of extreme. Yes, this is going to require a bit of extra planning and coordination but it will also give everyone a chance to test themselves as they get the blood pumping during the day so that everyone can be juiced up for the after-hours, adult activities as well! Along those lines we’d like to make a few helpful, heart thumping suggestions for your bachelor battalion:

The River Wild
White water rafting is not only a raw, invigorating group activity for your weekend in the great outdoors but also demands some crucial teamwork that will really facilitate bachelor bonding. And then it’ll be great to be back on solid ground once again!

The Sky is the Limit
Squeeze some sky diving into your weekend and you’ll be sure to make the party unforgettable! If you have novice jumpers in your posse then make sure that they take the extended pre-jump course that will allow them to go solo even on their first time. Everybody goes out the door alone and you’ll all come together on the ground. Geronimo!

Put the Pedal to the Metal
Nothing like a weekend spent whipping around a banked track trying to keep all four wheels on the ground to get the motors revving! This one may be a tad pricey but the delirious grins on even novice driver’s faces after their first date with a High performance engine will be well worth it. Gentlemen, start your engines!

Bungee Boogie
Easy, affordable and guaranteed to get everyone’s heart pumping, bungee jumping can always be fit into any weekend itinerary with minimum effort and scheduling. Bounce back to the bachelor party!

Remember, all of these suggestions can be (and should be at all times) practiced safely. All your stag studs will need is some time, a little money and a hairy pair!

Bachelor Party on the Upscale Swing

Tee it up
Throw away the hectic hustle and mad rush of your guest’s average golf outing and turn this bachelor fest into a weekend of leisurely rounds at the Groom’s favorite links. Contact that resort now and set up a weekend of competitive fun amid the natural beauty of rolling hills with the 19th Hole waiting for your party at the end of every round. Montreal has about 20 beautiful golf course to choose from.

Hit the Slopes at Mont-Tremblant
They’re waiting for you and your crew. If your group loves the powder than why not make it a weekend of pristine mountain majesty with 5 Star Hotel service or even the luxury of your own private chalet. You’ll be ready for great nights after great days on the slopes.

Get your passports stamped
Go international and get a taste of any world you want along with the sweet flavor of luxury. We like Cabo for the fishing but the Old World does it with a touch of Euro-Class as well. Whether it’s world capitals or private islands, travel is the thing.

Drop your lines
And we mean fishing lines! Yes, we do like Cabo (and not only for the fishing) but breathtaking locations with lively action abound. Any proper resort should offer private villas with full service (butler, maids) included and don’t forget dinner service for the day’s catch!

5 Star Hotels like the Ritz-Carlton Montreal with 5 Star restaurants like Maison Boulud are plentiful and Montreal does understand how to treat their upscale guests. Privacy, service, luxury and everything your party might require to enjoy the bachelor event is their business and business is Bachelor parties come in all sizes and shapes so why not make yours the best and brightest? You’ll all be glad you did.