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If your friend is getting married and you are the best man who has been tasked with planning a bachelor party, putting together the ultimate evening in the exciting city of Montreal can be a lot of fun. However, it also puts you in charge of ensuring everything goes off without a hitch. That means avoiding some things, but what are some of the major bachelor party blunders that you should keep far away from your bachelor party experience, you ask?

Good thing we’re hear to help you with these top five things that you should NOT do at your Montreal bachelor party.

1. Not Getting Bottle Service or Table Service

Picture it: You’re all dressed to the nines and ready to go. You pull up to the nightclub, strut up to the bouncer, and, once inside, find that you’re spending most of the evening waiting for drinks. What a bummer! If only there were a way to avoid that…

When it comes to partying in a nightclub, bottle service is the way to go. Instead of dealing with a crowded bar, you will have your own alcohol to share between you (and the sexy ladies that you end up chatting with). Otherwise, every time you finish your drink you will need to make your way through the crowd up to the bar and struggle for 10 minutes to catch the attention of the bartender – who tends to always serve the girls first.

It’s a huge pain! Bottle service will always make for a more relaxed and enjoyable evening.

2. Not having all your Reservations Secured

Imagine the disappointment of heading out to one of the hottest new restaurants in Montreal, looking forward to enjoying a great meal, only to find out that they are fully booked! Where does that leave you, going to a fast food joint?

No, you can’t let this happen to your best mate on his bachelor party! Make sure that you book all of your reservations in advance so that there are no disappointments. Even if you feel like you’re traveling during an off season and are dining at a quieter time, it’s better to be safe than sorry! Trust us, the groom will remember that blunder for the rest of his life. Nobody wants to party on an empty stomach.

3. Not Getting a Daily Dose of Adult Entertainment

Let’s face it; bachelor parties and adult entertainment go hand in hand. It’s supposed to be a night for the groom to go wild with his best buds, before he settles into the domestic routine of marriage. If there isn’t at least one visit to a sexy Montreal strip club like Kamasutra Club on the agenda, you are doing it wrong.

Luckily, there are a lot of great strip clubs in Montreal with a fun atmosphere and gorgeous and friendly women. Make sure that you treat the guest of honour to a lap dance from the hottest girl – his fiancé doesn’t need to know all of the details.

And to piggyback off that idea, don’t invite someone that may want the bride and groom to have a falling out! The last thing you’d want is an unknown video of the evening’s debauchery to make it to the bride-to-be.

4. Wait in Lines

Nothing is worse than standing out in a line with a huge crowd for two hours just to get in a nightclub! Or sometimes not even get in!

You want to spend your night drinking cocktails and watching gorgeous strippers dance – not shivering on the sidewalk. Always make sure that you have VIP status so that you can waltz right past everyone else in the line and go straight into the club. Really, there’s no better feeling than passing by fellow patrons only for the bouncer to wave you in because you’re on the coveted “list.”

You’ll especially want to keep this in mind for nightclubs like Stereo After Hours, Club La Boom, and Le Rouge Bar, which tend to be among the more popular party spots in Montreal.

5. Not Booking with Montreal Nightlife

If you really want your bachelor party to be as epic as possible, make sure that you book with Montreal Nightlife. They will help you to arrange every aspect of your party, from bottle service to VIP passes at the hottest clubs – making sure that you are treated like kings anywhere you go. They will help you to plan a bachelor party that the groom to be and all of your best mates will never forget.

You know those four points that preceded this one? Montreal Nightlife can ensure that none of them will happen! It’s a simple phone call or a visit to a website, don’t get lazy and risk ruining your best buds last night of single freedom!