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If you are planning a bachelor party for your best friend who is soon to get married, one of the major decisions that you will need to make is who to invite. It’s a tricky question, as there are a lot of factors to consider. You don’t want to leave anyone out, but you also want to make sure that you don’t invite anyone who will make the situation awkward or put a damper on the fun.

In order to make sure that you are inviting the right people and not forgetting anyone important – it is a good idea to confirm your guest list with the groom-to-be himself so that he can make the final decisions on who to invite.

However, here are a few of the essential dudes that you should invite to your party:

The Groom’s Closest Brothers and Cousins

Unless there has been some terrible family drama that gives you good reason to not want to hang out with your relatives, it is generally expected that the Groom’s brothers and cousins will be invited to the bachelor party. Of course, in the event that the groom has an enormous extended family and 52 cousins, you should invite the ones that he is closest to and sees the most often. Should you invite the brothers of the bride? If you get along with them and they are part of the wedding party – yes you should. Otherwise, it could be considered as rude.

The Groom’s True and Blue Best Friends

If you are the best man, one of these friends is probably you. There are also probably some other mates who have been through thick and thin with the groom–to–be and have a close bond with him. These are the friends who will make the evening meaningful, because they are likely to still be around to talk about it years later.

You may not know them personally, but if you check with the groom’s family, chances are they’ll be able to pinpoint the friends that have been by his side the most. They may be a part of the bridal party, but that’s not always a given. Sometimes, bridal parties are smaller than the number of really close friends he may have. If there’s no surprise element to the bachelor party, absolutely check with the bachelor to make sure all of his best friends are there.

Your Most Social and Outgoing Friend(s)

Let’s face it; some guys are better at initiating conversation with random strangers than other guys. Unless you want the bachelor party to consist of sitting in a corner and drinking by yourselves, you should invite your social and outgoing buddies. They will be able to break the ice with the many gorgeous ladies in the club and invite them back to your table for some drinks – creating a fun and welcoming social situation.

Think of them as your social wingmen. They’ll keep the party upbeat and happening.

You’re in Charge

You don’t ever want to be considered the “guest list Nazi,” but you do have to ensure the people going are best for the groom’s good time.

Essentially, invite the people to the party whom the groom-to-be likes and enjoys spending time with. Inviting the acquaintances that he doesn’t really like or the people that you like but he doesn’t really know – is somewhat missing the point. You may even wind up inviting someone that the groom has a volatile relationship with. In fact, it’s a good idea to make sure the people you invite are in good standing with the bachelor. Tension is a big party killer!

Who To Avoid Inviting

You’ll also want to be sure you avoid inviting any trouble-makers or people known for really bringing an evening down. People that drink a lot should probably be left out of an affair with access to alcohol and anyone that’s known for being a bit of a chauvinistic pig probably doesn’t belong in a strip club.

Also, be wary when inviting the bride’s father. It’s a nice gesture and you might want to invite him for the steak dinner, but make sure that he has gone home to bed before you hit the strip clubs – or the debauchery might cause the wrong impression about the man who is marrying his little girl!

Once your guest list is compiled, it’s time to get moving on picking the best place or places to serve as a venue for this incredible affair. Have some ideas in mind or need a push in the right direction? Give us a call so we can arrange the best Montreal bachelor party for the groom-to-be.