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Montreal: The Great White North Bachelor Adventure

Depending on where you happened to be born you may or may not have visited your Canadian homeboys in a while. And now it’s time for the Mother of All bachelor parties and you’re seriously considering your party as well as your travel options.

If you’re from down USA way (or even if you’re not) then may we suggest your friendly Neighbors to the North as hosts for that one and only bachelor bash? 

Easy to get to, get through and fun for everyone we also have an exciting urban destination already picked out amidst the wilderness to the North for your rowdy, randy, chomping at the bit stag posse of partiers — Montreal.

Quick and Convenient Travel

First off and surely one of its finest assets- It’s easy to get there! Sure, you can look at cities like Amsterdam, which is also known for its party scene, but do you really want to have to cross the Atlantic? Montreal is a convenient ride north.

Just a few hours from JFK, O’Hare or Dallas/Ft. Worth, Montreal provides all the bright city lights your bachelor buddies will crave along with that distinctive Euro-flair but without all the endless, tedious hours of hassle when crossing the big pond. 

Once you’re in the city, getting around is a breeze, too! Public transportation can take you between locations or, if you plan accordingly, you can be a quick walk between venues.

Fine Dining and Finer Cigars

A definite world class destination, Montreal also offers fine restaurants and even finer liquor wherever you care to dig in, imbibe and throw your healthy dollars around. Beyond just the local favorite of poutine, you can set up reservations at classy establishments like Restaurant Quattro, Joe Beef, or Restaurant Helena Inc.

Gather with your closest of friends at eateries run by expert chefs from near and far to kick your Montreal bachelor party with a hearty meal for your energy boost for the evening. Be sure to eat plenty, like you’re gearing up for a marathon, because the night that’s laid out ahead for you in going to take a lot of energy to get through!

Beyond food, Montreal will also appeal to you Cigar aficionados. There’s always the lovely scent of real, legal Cubans at reasonable prices to entice you to step across that friendly border and enjoy one of the world’s finest smokes! Just don’t try to bring any back across. And by that of course we mean- Please do bring some back but just don’t get yourself caught!

No Language Barrier

What’s worse than going to a foreign city only to remember you don’t know speak a lick of the local language? Nothing. Literally, nothing. You’ll never feel more lost and segregated. And now that we’ve terrified you, worry not! If you speak English (even broken English works!), you’ll be able to get around Montreal without worry!

Sure, all you cunning lingual bachelors, you can practice your Francais in Montreal if you so choose but you won’t have to as most of the great cities inhabitants (and all of its nightclubs) will be happy to parlez vous English with any of our non-Canuck friends. 

But let’s get to the real deal and one of the finest reasons we can think of to carry your bachelor party across that turnstile of a border. 

World Class Strip Clubs!

And we don’t just mean the Girls either although you’ll undoubtedly be very pleased with the class of your selections. Because, unlike some of the less friendly Adult establishments to the South, Montreal is a Full Contact city when it comes to Adult entertainment (did you think we were talking about hockey?) and the Girls are not shy about the contact!

Want only the sexiest, most attentive girls? Then your focus should be set on locations like Kamasutra Club, Chez Paree, and Solid Gold ShowBar. You’ll walk away with an entirely different understanding of how strip clubs work and, quite frankly, may even dread going back to American establishments that are a bit more stingy in the entertainment and interaction.

We think you’re going to find the willingness of Montreal’s Adult Entertainers to please the customer (that means You) quite a significant upgrade for your bachelor party guests and we know that they will definitely enjoy the more mature and much more accommodating attitude of these lovely Montreal lasses.\

So bring those Yankee dollars and throw ‘em around because you will get your money’s worth and then some!

If it’s opulence, extravagance, and a memorable good time that you’re looking for, stop trying to find it anywhere else.