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If you are the bride’s best friend and it is your task to plan a bachelorette party, there will be a lot of details that you will need to cover to make sure that the evening goes smoothly. However, many bridesmaids make mistakes when planning the bachelorette party that could have been easily avoided.

As the person in charge of the bachelorette party, it’s imperative to keep the evening from getting derailed, and it’s a lot easier to do than you’d think! If you fear making some mistake, even a minor one, that may ruin the evening, we recommend paying attention to this list. Stay away from these errors and the Montreal bachelorette party should go off as planned!

Waiting Until the Last Minute

Time is definitely not on your side.

Don’t procrastinate too much when you are planning a bachelorette party! It’s a better idea to start planning as soon as possible, so that you will have more time to find the best deals. The venues you choose might get booked up and the travel costs might be more expensive at the last minute.

If it’s money you’re worried about, not too worry. When you book with us, you put down a small deposit and pay the rest when you arrive in Montreal! Trust us when we say if you don’t wait until the last minute, everything will be much less stressful and you’ll be able to pull off the bachelorette party of the century.

Not Listening to What the Bride Wants

The most important thing to remember is that the bachelorette party is for the bride, so it should be something that she would enjoy. If she would prefer to enjoy a gourmet meal and relax at a spa, don’t set up a crazy drunk weekend at the city’s hottest clubs. Plan something that she would enjoy, even if it’s not what you want to do – it’s her special day and not yours!

There are ways to please everybody, especially if you’re working with a mixed crowd of personalities, but your main focus is always going to be the bride. If you can appeal to everyone, that’s great. If not, everyone else needs to suck it up and enjoy themselves for the bride’s sake.

Blowing the Budget

There are a lot of fun things that you could plan for the bachelorette party, but if you get a little bit carried away you could end up spending too much money. To avoid this, make sure that you start with a budget and stick to it faithfully. If you are going beyond your budget, take a look at the plans and see where you can cut down expenses.

Sometimes the invited guests go in on a bachelorette party, so you’ll need to get an idea of what everyone else can afford as well. If you wind up going over that planned budget, it’s on you to make up the difference.

Being Too Raunchy

Sometimes it’s really fun to have a strong sexual element to a bachelorette party, such as bringing in a male stripper, playing raunchy drinking games or going to a pole dancing class. However, sometimes the bachelorette party might involve guests of all ages – including the bride’s younger cousins or her older aunts. She might not feel comfortable getting X-rated around these family members, so make sure that you take this into consideration and plan an appropriate party.

If there is an age gap, you may also want to inform other guests so there are no surprises when everybody starts arriving. Just in case another friend had some debauchery up her sleeve for the bride-to-be.

Planning Too Much in Too Little Time

When you are planning the bachelorette party, make sure that you don’t try to cram too many activities into one day. If you and the bachelorettes are running around across the city trying to make one appointment after enough you will start to feel stressed and rushed – which is not how you want to feel when you are supposed to be having fun. Make sure that you schedule extra time between each activity so that you can take your time and not feel rushed.

Not Doing Your Research

You could just throw darts at a map of Montreal’s establishments, but you really should know a little bit about the locations you’re considering for the party’s venue. Don’t just pick a place because it sounds nice, let us help you find the perfect location that will fit your party size and keep you from winding up at some dud of a party because the location is a dead zone.

Make sure to avoid these mistakes when you are planning your bachelorette party, so that you can put together an event that the bride and all of her best friends will absolutely love! When you are ready to make that leap into the planning stages, be sure to give us a call so we can throw together the perfect itinerary for the kind of Montreal bachelorette party you’re looking to throw.