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Your bachelorette party is guaranteed to be a fantastic night – it’s all of your best girlfriends together giggling, drinking and dancing until the sun comes up! You can plan anything you like for the event, whether you want to pamper yourselves at the spa, have a gourmet meal, go to a sexy male strip club or hit the hottest party in town.

Of course, nothing gets everyone relaxed and laughing more than a few silly party games at your bachelorette party. Here are a few fun games that you can play in your hotel room or at your home before you hit the town in order to get the ball rolling.

Bachelorette Categories

Have you ever played the drinking game Kings before? This game is the same, with a bachelorette twist. Come up with several categories and write them down on separate note cards. You can make them easy or difficult and if you want you can make them wedding related – such as “famous wedding movies,” “sex positions for the wedding night” or “types of flowers”. Everyone chooses a card and then they have 10 seconds to name an item in that category. If they can’t think of anything in the category they lose and they have to drink.

Never Have I Ever

This is a fun and raunchy game that doesn’t require any prep. Someone starts by saying “Never have I ever” and completing the phrase with a true statement. If the statement isn’t true for anyone else in the group they have to take a drink. For example, you might say, “Never have I ever had a threesome” and if someone else in the group has they will have to take a drink. It’s a fun game and it might reveal some naughty secrets from others in the group!

Bride Trivia

The maid of honour can write out a list of questions about the bride, such as “where did she go to high school?”, “what is her favourite type of chocolate?” “what music does she hate?” “true or false, she loves sushi?” Then, have the guests try to answer the questions in a quiz game style and hand out prizes to whomever gets it right. It’s a great way to get to know which friends are closest.

The Groom Quiz

Ah, a twist on “Bride Trivia.” Rather than focusing questions on the bride, guests will be charged with answering questions about the Groom-to-Be. Have they been paying attention whenever the bride gushed about her beau? This is the perfect game to find out as you ask questions like “where did he grow up?” to “what is his favorite food?”. Participants can either earn a prize for every right answer or be forced to take a drink for every wrong. After a few wrong answers, the game may get very interesting. 

Nightclub Scavenger Hunt

If you are going out dancing, this can be a hilarious game to play. Come up with a list of items for the bride to collect while you are out at the club. They can be simple things like a matchbook, or something a little more fun and challenging – like a guy’s boxers.

These are just a few fun, silly and playful games that you can enjoy on your bachelorette party. These games will be a great way to break the ice and get the ball rolling, especially if you are drinking as you play them. Have fun at your bachelorette party – it’s sure to be a night to remember!

Guess the Panties

Every guest has to bring in a pair of panties that reminds them of the bride. Expect a lot of strange choices to be made, but the game gets really quirky as the bride tries to determine who brought which panties. If the bride gets it right, that person must take a drink.

Toilet Paper Wedding Dress

A classic that simply can’t be overlooked. You’ll be in a hotel room so you may need to ask the front desk to bring up an extra roll or two of toilet paper. The guests, with the Maid of Honor in the lead, have to create a wedding dress for the bride to wear. To make it even more frantic, guests are timed to see what they can come up with in a short period of time. It’s a frantic game with a huge payoff – a bride wrapped in toilet paper!


Have that one ex-boyfriend who walked with a bit of a hunch? Or possibly the one that always scratched himself in public. If he was even the slightest bit disgraceful, you told your friends about him, and now they have a chance to reenact the finest of your exes for a unique bachelorette party game. As always, try to integrate alcohol, maybe making it so every incorrect guess is a swig for the Bride-to-Be.