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Montreal – It’s where girls just want to have FUN

Like so many males from around our globe sometimes we here at Montreal Nightlife tend to neglect the fairer sex a bit more than we should.  It is with our most gracious and grateful hearts that we want to remind all the beautiful Ladies we love that Montreal is good to go for those that want to party their last days as a single Girl!

Now we understand that there are a few fundamental differences between the Sexes and so therefor there must necessarily be a slightly different approach to how the separate genders may choose to get their groove on but we like to think that Montreal is nothing if not an all-inclusive, diverse, inviting and exciting Island of party opportunities for all.  And of course that means that Ladies are always welcome!

And we try our level best to cater to all your needs…whatever they may be.

In our experience we find that the Ladies tend to enjoy their service with a bit more attention paid to the personal aspect of their luxury and Montreal Nightlife makes every effort to indulge that touch of luxury that can make any over-worked, under-paid, Girl-on-the-Go feel like a pampered Princess-for-a-day or a devilish Diva-for-a-Night…or three.  When you touch down in our town we want to insure that you’ll be feeling your best and shining your brightest while you’re gracing our glorious metropolis.

Wondering what we have in store for your Montreal bachelorette party? Here’s just a taste of a few goodies we hope you’ll enjoy-

We can’t wait to see you

When you land a Montreal Nightlife Host will be there at your gate to greet you, escort you to your hotel and then be on-call for 24/7 concierge service for the length of your visit. Nowhere else will you receive this kind of attention! Our hosts love this city and are delighted to show you every stunning aspect of it, whether it’s a piece of Montreal history or a a row of locally owned shops.

Retail therapy is practically mandatory

Personal Shoppers are always available to help you enjoy and explore the diverse treasure of Montreal’s vast array of shopping opportunities or just take care of your orders.  Whether it’s Bloomingdales or a hidden local gem, shopping is a 4-Season sport here in Montreal and it is one that we make every effort to enjoy to the fullest. So save up before your trip, there is stuff to be bought!

Are your tired puppies barking after the trip?

Why not let us schedule a spa stay for an hour or a day or just set up a personal, relaxing mani/pedi in your room while you power down before you rev up for the night to come.  And why not add a personal massage to the menu?  Ever try a Finnish Sauna?  We highly recommend.  And you will feel like a new women. It’s your bachelorette party, why not treat yourself like the “lady of the hour” that you are?

Are you in the mood to indulge your inner-foodie?  

You’ve come to the right city.  Montreal is a gastro World Capitol and we can arrange reservations then lock down a table for your party anywhere you and your BFF’s decide you’d like to dine for the evening.  No phones, no lines, no waiting and service with high end service with plenty of smile – just the prospect and delivery of delicious flavors from the best local chefs.

Want to get a little wild?

 Whether you want to go upscale at any of Montreal’s exclusive nightclubs or get down and dirty at some of our more Adult establishments, Montreal Nightlife can get you through the ropes and seated with no hassles, no hurdles and no eyeballs from goony bouncers or intimidating doormen.  We treat Ladies right here even if you’re feeling just a touch un-ladylike every now and then.

Feeling like a wild and classy fashionista?

We cannot recommend an upscale evening at one of Montreal’s fabulous Supper Clubs.  Simply put, fine luxury dining is waiting and then effortlessly transforms into a throbbing, pulsing night with your own personal Host to serve your party, pour champagne (with bottle service) and, of course, a thumping dance floor full of beautiful people who are in the mood for love.

We’ll get you set up at places like Time Supper Club or Le Cinq for an unforgettable and delicious evening!

The party goes on 24/7

Yes, if your squad of hellcats wants to keep the party going (we really hope you do) then, along with any number of options, you can always head over to the dance floor at the International Montreal Casino.  They never close.  And we’re sure you can get lucky there.  At the tables we mean…

And we want to assure you that there is always more to explore in Montreal and we are always waiting to help you explore it. Whether it’s the city’s historic landmarks or other facets of its incredible nightlife, you can be we’ll be there to get you access.

So, c’mon over Ladies and get a taste of our party flavors!   We like to think that you’ll be back for more. In fact, we are sure you will be, so give us a call today and set up your Montreal bachelorette party!