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New Year’s Eve is a night to party – that epic evening where you say goodbye to the old year and welcome in the New Year with drinks, dancing and good times. That is, of course, if you play your cards right and plan your holiday experience ahead of time!

So many people wait until the last minute only to be met with disappointment and an evening at home munching on a store bought crudites. Don’t be one of those people! Think ahead to the experience you want and find the right city for such an event. 

What better place to celebrate the New Year than Montreal – one of North America’s hottest nightlife cities? Here at Montreal Nightlife we are experts in planning the perfect party and we can make sure that your New Years’ Eve is as fun as possible. 

Sorry, crudites. Not this year!


Why Plan New Years With Us?

Some of the advantages of booking your New Year’s Eve experience with us include:

  • You will deal with one contact for everything you do, so the process is simple and easy.
    • We know how tough it is to be passed around to multiple agents. Information gets skewed and misplaced and your “good time” becomes a nightmare. We won’t put you through that at all! You’ll deal with one only one of our experienced agents.
  • We will take care of all of the details including transport, hotels, party tickets and much more.
    • Getting around the city is incredibly important, but do you know how many people overlook that detail? Not us!
    • You’ll want access to the best parties in Montreal and we’ll make sure you have exactly that. Whether you want an evening at Jet Nightclub or Stereo After Hours, you can bet we’ll work to get you access.
  • You only need to pay a deposit when booking and then the rest of your balance on arrival.
    • Shelling out a large sum of money all at once can leave you strapped or having to settle on a different plan. Our simple “pay later” set up lets you hold onto your cash now and save up throughout the year for one easy payment when it’s time to party!
  • Your friendly hosts will be available throughout your stay to help you with anything you might need.
    • When you get to Montreal, we don’t want you to feel like you’ve been forgotten and left to your own devices. Our host will be available to you should you hit a hiccup at some point during your stay.
  • We book out the entire hotel, so you don’t have to worry about sleeping next to a family with kids.
    • Chances are the last thing you’ll want to hear after your night of partying is a baby crying at 6am. We’ll get you set up so you’re near those you travel with and not sandwiched between a family of 5 and someone with two dogs.
  • The buses are party buses, reserved especially for our clients.
    • That’s right, an entire bus devoted just for you and your party! No awkward sharing, no waiting for people you don’t know. It’s all for you!
  • We book packages for hundreds of people, so we can negotiate amazing rates with hotels and buses.
    • What more is there to say? Hundreds of people trust us. Hotels and transportation companies work with us. You should probably be in that list of “hundreds,” no?

No Hidden Fees

Nothing’s worse than thinking you have enough money for something only to find out you’re a little short once a slew of unexpected fees are added.

When you book with us the price you see is the price you pay and there are no hidden fees. All of the prices that are displayed include hotel tax, sales tax, a transaction fee and a service fee. They also include a security fee for the hotel and an incidental fee. Sometimes in the travel industry other providers can advertise deceptive prices and then add on lots of fees later, but we don’t do this.

There will be no nasty surprises later – the fee you see is the one you get.

The Lowest Price Guaranteed

If you have a lower quote from somewhere else, you can send it to us and we will beat it.

We have developed a way over the years to offer the very lowest price to our customers. As the largest New Year’s Eve operator in all of Montreal we can get the best possible rates on hotels and travel packages and pass those savings on to you. No matter where you look, you won’t get better rates than these!

We don’t look to nickle and dime you for a profit. Our main concern is for you to have a great time and want to come back to Montreal as soon as possible! Our lowest price guarantee is a testament to how much more important your experience is than your money.

Bottle Packages or Open Bar?

The price tag for a bottle package might seem a little high at first, but when you do the math you will find that it’s only a little bit more than an open bar. However, having bottle service at a nightclub makes you feel like a VIP in a way that an open bar never could, and who wouldn’t want to feel like a VIP going into a new year?

When you have bottle service you don’t have to spend time waiting in a line for your drinks, you can just chill out in your VIP section and mix your own drinks like the rock star that you are!

Are you ready to start planning your ultimate New Year’s Eve in Montreal? Contact us today!