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Where will you be when the clock strikes midnight?

Canada’s Sin City is the perfect place to celebrate New Year’s Eve and to start a brand new year off with a bang. Montreal is known for its fantastic nightlife, it’s cool and laid back party atmosphere and its abundance of excellent bars and nightclubs. Not too mention its delicious cuisine, convenient transportation, thrilling activities, and incredibly friendly people.

What we’re trying to get across is that Montreal is a city that has everything – so why shouldn’t you take advantage of at least six of its finest offerings for your New Years experience? What, you’d prefer to stand shoulder-to-shoulder in Times Square, hoping that you don’t suddenly have to use the bathroom? How about in Las Vegas, where they nickle and dime you for everything?

No, of course not! At least not when Montreal can give you the same experience without the millions upon millions of people crowding one another or emptying your wallet!

If you’re still hesitant, let us show you why there’s no better place to be when New Year’s comes around:

1. The Explosive Show

Besides dogs, who doesn’t love fireworks? Who doesn’t enjoy the eruption of excitement as the year ends and a new one is ushered in.

What’s a New Years Eve without something exploding in the night sky? You can bet that there will be New Year’s Eve fireworks to illuminate the city and put you in a celebratory mood. The shows around town are like choreographed performances and each colorful explosion is a dancer that’s simply looking to entertain.

If you’re afraid you’re going to be missing out on your local fireworks show, don’t worry. Once Montreal starts lighting off the explosives, you’ll forget all about your piddly firecrackers.

2. The Finest Accommodations 

Unless it’s January 2nd of the new year, you’re never going to find hotel reservations for the following New Years Eve in cities like Times Square. And if you do, you can expect to drop your yearly salary on one night. Not here in Montreal, our hotels don’t play those games for the holidays.

The city has several excellent hotels to choose from, whether you are a looking for a comfortable budget option or a luxurious and elegant splurge. Want a penthouse to share with your friends or family? Consider it done! Worried about having to share walls with a crying baby? No, your comfort is our priority and we’ll work hard to ensure you’re near those you traveled with. 

When you book with us, you can bet you’re getting the very best in comfort and luxury.

3. The Best Nightlife

Alright, so Las Vegas may try and argue this, but as Canada’s Sin City, we’re very comfort in saying Montreal has the best nightclubs you’ll come across in the United States. The problem you’re going to run into when you try to book a nightclub experience on your own is deciding which of these incredible venues you want to ring in the New Year at.

So, you know, don’t try to. Rather, get in touch with us and we’ll help you pinpoint the best nightclub for you. Are you someone that loves to dance with random people on a crowded dance floor or do you prefer a more subdued experience? Believe it or not, even on New Years Eve, there’s an option for both! 

You’ll party with the hottest musical acts and DJs, who all work their hardest to deliver the hottest party in the city.

4. The VIP Experience

Still on the topic of nightclubs, even when you pick the best one for your needs and wants, you’re still not done! You don’t want to party “like everyone else.” You want to get the ultimate experience, the VIP treatment from the moment you arrive to when the party ends.

Enjoy epic bottle service, a fancy table that everyone will be envious over, and the full VIP experience at any of Montreal’s incredible nightclubs!

5. The Late Night Entertainment

Nightclubs can only elevate the evening to a certain level. If you want to inch if a little higher to, say, something a little more “adult oriented,” you’re going to want to start looking at any of the city’s superb strip clubs. Gorgeous girls take the main stage and attend to your whims and desire in locations fueled by a fun atmosphere.

Just like with nightclubs, you can enjoy the VIP experience and get exclusive access to any of the cities hottest strip clubs. If it’s a sexy end to the year that you’re looking for, you can bet that we’ll work to get you access to clubs like Bar Downtown, Bar Exxxotica, or Chez Paree.

6. Attentive Service

The best part of spending your New Year’s Eve in Montreal? When you book your experience with Montreal Nightlife we will ensure that every part of your special night goes smoothly, from picking you up at your hotel to getting you VIP access to the hottest clubs. We’re with you every step of the way to guarantee that your evening goes exactly as you wanted it to.

To find out how we can plan the perfect night to remember, contact us today.