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For 30 years the Botanical Garden has hosted the Garden of Lights at Parc Maisonneuve.

With summer coming to an end, the sun begins to set earlier every day, the longer nights are the perfect backdrop for a colorful experience to shine through for all. Located directly in front of the infamous Olympic Stadium you can get lost in another world that is suitable for all ages.

From September 2nd to October 31st the Garden of Light is open to all who enjoy taking a long stroll into an enchanted illuminated world of Asian and First nation works of art. This year’s principal theme has been titled “An Ode to the Moon” and as soon as you enter the gates you can visit the Wolf Choir installation and howl at the moon while you play with interactive tree projections. 

Exhibits That Shine And Illuminate 

Another fascinating installation at the Garden of Light will focus on the Legend of Pangu which was written in 156AD. Hundreds of Lanterns taking the shapes of mystical animals help tell the mythical story of Pangu. The legend of Pangu states that at the beginning of time there was nothing in the universe until a great giant named Pangu awakened becoming the first living entity of all time. Pangu emerged from a cosmic egg that contained all life as we know it. Pangu split the sky from the earth creating the reality we now know. The legend of Pangu is one of the oldest creation myths in Chinese mythology. 

The Japanese Gardens will focus on the four seasons and how they change and work together using plants as a backdrop intertwined with interesting light sculptures. The First Nations Garden also follows the general themes of the other major installations focusing on the circle of life using smoke and lights to tell that story. For many First Nations cultures, the circle of life makes up all the essential elements that allow our reality to exist. 

A Learning Experience Like No Other 

The beauty of the Garden of Lights does not solely reside in its visual aspects but also provides an incredible learning experience about distinct cultures. The Gardens of Light can be a great activity for a family with children because the kids will love the kaleidoscope of bright colors laid out before them. The Gardens of Light can also provide a romantic evening or date night for couples who do not mind strolling through gorgeous, illuminated gardens holding hands. 

How To Get There & Parking

The best way to get to the Botanical Garden is via public transportation, specifically the PIE-XI metro station, which will take you steps away from the park’s main entrance. Parking is available onsite but due to the overwhelming popularity of the gardens, there is no guarantee of finding a parking spot. 

Get Your Tickets Before Its Too Late

Buying tickets and reserving your spot on any given night is crucial to ensuring that your plans do not fall through. Space is limited and buying your tickets beforehand is strongly suggested. Tickets will grant you not only access to the Gardens of Light, but you can also arrive during the day and explore the Botanical Gardens before the sunsets. In essence, your ticket is a day and night pass doubling up the value. Ticket prices range from 16$ for Montreal residents to 22$ for tourists and non-residents. 

So, what are you waiting for, grab your loved one and tell them you want to show them the most beautiful garden they will ever see in Montreal.