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The NHL 2022-2023 season begins once again, and the Canadiens have all eyes on them

If there ever was something our great city holds dear to its heart it is the Montreal Canadiens and with the new season starting in October, the whole city is coming alive. The Covid-19 pandemic brought most downtown businesses to a halt, and many wondered including Montreal’s mayor Valerie Plante if citizens would return to the core. 

One thing is certain if the Montreal Canadiens are playing you can bet the downtown core will come to life with fans watching the game at the Bell Centre or across bars and anywhere with a TV screen and beer. We love hockey and even if the HABs are playing on the road you will be pleasantly surprised how Montréal’s Nightlife feeds off the team. 


The Montreal Canadiens is more than just a local team fans cheer for it has become an inherent part of Quebecois culture. Love them or hate them the Canadiens always come up at least once in any conversation from October to June if the team makes the playoffs. When the Canadiens play businesses thrive and if the team goes deep into the playoffs, businesses like the team reap even more benefits. Giving away tickets to watch the Canadiens live is one of the absolute best gifts you can give your friends and family. 


You have those precious tickets to the game and that will be the easiest part of your night to plan. All you have to do is find your seat and enjoy the game. It is a remarkably simple plan, but you can turn your hockey night in Canada into an incredibly special evening or all-night affair. The first thing to consider is whom are you going to watch the game with. 

If you are bringing a child to the game your plans need to cater to their needs rather than yours, sorry that is the way it works and besides, you cannot bring a niece and nephew to a strip club. The Canadiens usually play at 7:00 pm or 7:30 pm for home games which opens a window for grabbing a meal before heading to the Bell Centre. 


The Bell Centre offers many concessions stand but you will have to spend an arm and a leg to get a Hot Dog and Fries. Your best bet whether you are heading to the game with a child or not is to get yourself downtown as quickly as possible. There will be traffic and finding parking takes patience and luck so do not exclude the idea of taking the metro either. The Point is to get downtown and take advantage of the many businesses that can cater to your needs and get more bang for your buck compared to the arena. 


You can easily find a Baton Rouge right beside the Bell Centre where you can enjoy their amazing smoky ribs and only have to cross a single street to get into the game. Yet there are plenty more options for you to enjoy that vary in terms of budget and quality. If you are running late and money is tight too, fast food joints are your best bet and, in the area, you can find franchise chains like McDonald’s, La Belle Province, Burger King, and plenty of single slice Pizza joints. 


If you are looking for more quality and are comfortable spending a little more, you are still in the right neighborhood! Want some delicious tacos and Burritos head over to Escondite on Drummond Street and have a tequila too. Perhaps you are craving some Italian cuisine and we highly recommend Da Vinci Ristorante on Bishop Street treat yourself to an incredible meal that even NHLers could not avoid. 

Want some Asian cuisine to try some Japanese BBQ at GYU-Kaku on Crescent Street or some middle eastern delights at Garage Beirut for some tasty Lebanese dishes on Mackay Street? The options surrounding the Bell Centre are endless and can accommodate you for any situation and cravings you may have. 


Weekend games add an extra twist to your decision-making because after the game there is no need to rush home. After all, you need to catch some shut-eye because of an early morning start to the next day for work. Rather you can enjoy Montreal’s nightlife even further by hitting up one of the many bars, nightclubs, and strip clubs near and around the Bell Centre. Win or lose you hit the booze because it is the weekend so you can enjoy your night out. 

If you are out with the boys head over to Chez Paree and Wanda’s for some unique adult entertainment you can only experience in Montreal. The Bell Centre is practically a stone’s throw away from the Old Port which means options are never low because bars and nightclubs are easily found. Bar Furco, The Coldroom, Philemon Bar, and Taverne Gaspar are just a few of the trendiest locations you can enjoy a drink in. If you want to head to a nightclub you need to check out Bord’Elle or La Voute where the action only stops at 3:00 am. 

The possibilities are endless for you to have a wonderful time in Montreal, and it all begins with the Montreal Canadiens. So, whether you have tickets to their games or not or whether you want to have a night out with your kids or friends our fine city has you covered. When the Montreal Canadiens play our vibrant city shines brighter still.