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From the silver screen to the concert stage and the dinner table, These November Festivals offer something for everyone 

No matter the time of year Montreal continually has Festivals that pop up across the city that can not only be entertaining but downright delicious. November is a weird month because fall is giving way to winter and temperatures can fluctuate between cold temperatures to moderately warm temperatures too. Rain and snow can easily be forecast but our city does not flinch, and festivals endure all four of our seasons. 

The following festivals will highlight the best of Montreal’s indie music scene, and world music and if you get hungry there are even tasty food festivals that will keep your inner bear at bay. The beauty of many of these festivals is that you can create the ultimate night out in Montreal. Grab a bite at one of the MTLaTable restaurant festivals then catch a film screening at the Montreal International Documentary Festival. 

The possibilities are endless, and this just adds another reason Montreal is one of the best cities in the world and why tourists cannot resist flocking here all year round. Although November might not have the allure of the summer months there is plenty of red-hot activity to keep you entertained. Here are Montreal’s best November Festivals you should try.


Location: Various Restaurants across Montreal

Dates: November 3rd to November 13th


MTLaTable is an annual restaurant festival that will have your tastebuds spoiled with delicious foods at a reasonable price. With over 100 restaurants participating in the festival, you can enjoy various cuisines from around the world catering to a wide variety of tastes one may have. 

Fixed Menus are being offered that offer three-course meals starting at 35$. Your options do not stop there because you can also find other fixed menus that will cost 45$,55$, and 75$ that accommodate anyone’s budget or desire to splurge on themselves. The beauty f this festival is that you can combine it with any other activities you might plan to do in Montreal. Things are always easier when your belly is full.

RIDM Montreal International Documentary Festival

Location: Various cinemas across Montreal

Date: November 17th to November 27th


The RIDM in Quebec is the only Documentary festival that takes place in Montreal and since 1998 has displayed thousands of films that have captivated audiences. The RIDM invites and presents documentary films produced in Canada and from across the globe which ensures diverse perspectives on whatever topics may be at hand. Those who attend the festival can also meet the filmmakers and the artists who worked on the documentaries in person. 

Five theatres are participating in the festivals and are the following: Cinematheque Quebecois, Cinema Imperial, Cinema D Parc, Cinema Du Musee, and Cineplex Odeon Quartier Latin. documentary lovers and anyone who enjoys watching movies while learning about life need to attend this impressive film festival

CineMania Francophone Film Festival

Location: Cinéma Impérial 1430 de Bleury Street, Montréal, QC

Date: November 2nd to November 13th


CIneMania Francophone Film Festival brings the best of Quebecois and French films to the forefront, and they do not worry there are English subtitles who do not speak French. The Quebecois film scene is a strong one and getting a chance to dive deeper into our great culture via film is an entertaining avenue to do so. 

You can watch a variety of genres that include, action, documentaries, thrillers, and more to keep your eyes glued to the silver screen. Passport passes grant you access to the numerous showings available and give you access to over fifty films. 

34th Montréal International LGBT Film Festival “image+nation.”

Location: Centre PHI,315 Saint-Paul Street West, Montréal, QC H2Y 2M3

Date: November 17th to 27th


Dive deep into the LGBT community with this year’s International LGBT Film festival which has been titled “Image+Nation.” The festival focuses on films that have been created by a member of the LGBT community that come from around the world and those from Quebec too. 

For thirty-five years The LGBT festival has helped artists not only show their films but also meet those in attendance. Heading to the festival is a wonderful way o support our LGBT friends while watching amazing movies on the big screen. 

Arab World Festival of Montreal 

Location: Place des Arts 175 Sainte-Catherine Street West Montréal, QC

Date: October 29th to November 13th 


The 23rd edition of the Arab World Festival of Montreal kicked off at the end of October and for two weeks in November, you explore Arab Culture via film and performance arts. Arab Cultures have long deep histories and at the festival, they are presented in their most beautiful forms. Using music, film and other artistic mediums are important ways to share cultures and bridge open gaps of understanding between people. The Arab World Festival is a window into their perspectives on life via the arts and is necessary for anyone looking to broaden their horizons. 

M for Montreal

Location: Multiple locations

Date: Live Shows November 16th to 19th Virtual Shows November 4th to November 25th 


Join hundreds of artists at the M for Montreal Festival and watch and listen to amazing Indie music from November 16th to 19th. Music is the language of us all and discovering some bands or artists you may not hear on the radio is a real treat. Musical genres featured range from Hip Hop to, rock to Electronica and regardless of your musical taste, your indie music urges will be satisfied. 

This is the 17th edition of the festival which can also be enjoyed virtually with performances taking place online from November 4th to November 25th. M for Montreal is the perfect Festival for music lovers. 

Mundial Montreal 

Location: Multiple Venues in Montreal

Date: November 15th to 18th 


Mundial Montreal is yet another music festival hitting Montreal in November bringing international Music artists to the stage. A festival that is geared towards those in the music industry is open t all who love those amazing rhythms that soothe or shake the soul. Over fifty artists will be performing and putting on full display their respective cultures and influences. 

Music will not be the only activity available because you can also attend networking dinners and if you are in the music industry or aspiring to be in it heading to those events is a must. performances take place all day and all night long so there cannot be any excuse for why you cannot go.