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Celebrate Seven Years of Surfing the Nightlife at Don B Comber in Three Unique Rooms

Winters are pretty damn harsh in Montreal, but at Don B Comber, they have brought the beach vibe to Saint Laurent Boulevard for the last seven years. On Tuesday, December 6th Don B Comber will kick off their anniversary party that will last all week long, giving you ample time to pop in and grab a few drinks or a bottle or two.  

Don B Comber has established itself as one of the most popular spots to party on the main, being open not only on weekends but also having an incredible industry night on Tuesdays. The theme of the evening is the Casino, and Lucky number 7, so try your luck and are sure to have a winning time. To learn more about the event, please their Facebook Page:

Three Floors, Three Different Experiences

Don B Comber consists of three unique party areas influenced by tropical weather and the beach. On the Ground floor, you can find a long bar with plenty of room to enjoy bottle service or nice cold draft beer surrounded by beautiful tropical floral décor you can only find on the finest beaches around the world. 

The Infamous Don B Terrace

Don B Comber also has a terrace on the second floor of the building that is operational all year round. In summer, you can enjoy wild day parties or your favorite champagne under the stars at night. The décor on the terrace will make you feel like you are in a tiki bar somewhere on the Polynesian islands. During winter, Don B provides cover from the elements with a glass roof over your head and plenty of heating to keep your toes warm. In essence, the party never stops at Don B, regardless of the outdoor weather. 

Partying With Some Sharks Has Never Been Better

On the third floor, in a separate closed room, is what has been dubbed Don B Club, where sharks and other sea-related décor dominate the room. Don B Club’s proper dance floor features intense light shows to keep you swaying through the night. 

All three rooms are interconnected, allowing easy access and offering bottle service areas and plenty of bar space to keep your thirst at bay. 

Catch Some Waves, Catch Some Drinks, Come Some Fun 

Surviving for seven years, including a pandemic, proves that Don B Comber is more than a drop of water into the ocean but rather a tsunami that will not be stopped. Anyone who has had the chance to party will tell you that anything is possible there, from wild theme nights to some rowdy eccentric partygoers. Don B Comber takes pride in having a remarkably diverse clientele that varies across age groups and walks of life. 

You never know if you are partying with energized university students in one instance and the next with some NHL hockey players too. Every room will feature different DJs playing a variety of genres that cover everything from Hip Hop, dance, top 40, EDM, house, Rock and Roll, and French music. Don B Comber has also told me that they will be revamping their terrace floor before the anniversary celebrations begin adding an exciting element of surprise for everyone attending. Be sure to get on their guestlist and get there early for their anniversary because there will be lineups, and you want to avoid being on the outside looking in on a cold November night.


The Original Beach Comber

Don B Comber took over the old B-Sides in 2015 and transformed the location into a beach paradise. Inspired by Ernest R. Beaumont Gantt, who was known as “Don the Beachcomber.” Don loved the ocean vibe of the Pacific Ocean and loved to drink, so he decided to open a Tiki Bar in 1930 in Hollywood, California. 

Don attracted many surfers and beachcombers who wanted a nice tropical cocktail to enjoy in the sun or under the stars. Today Don B Comber pays tribute to the original Don by recreating their version of his Tiki Bars. Don B Comber is currently run by a small ownership group led by nightlife industry leaders Francois Boitard and Fabio Siconolfi from Le Rouge Bar. 

Boitard and Siconolfi have helped turn the corner of Prince Arthur and St. Laurent Boulevard into one of the best areas to experience the nightlife in Montreal. Jeff Blanchette also joined the team and brought his experience working in the nightlife industry (L’Ecurie) to the ownership group. Blanchette has grown into quite the entrepreneur and is one of the faces you can always find at Don B running the show. 

Seven Years and Counting 

Throughout its seven-year run, Don B Comber has taken all the proper steps to stay trendy without sacrificing its unique character and approach to nightlife. Don B Comber is all about having fun and being authentic.