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Trade Your Winter Boots for Dancing Shoes because Your About to Have a Month-Long Party

The Society for Arts and Technology, known as SAT, will host Domesicle from January 14th to February 18th. If you have ever seen a large dome-shaped building in the heart of Montreal, you will be pleasantly surprised that it is the home of everything digital, from music to art and technology. 

Domesicle is an ode to electronic music and its various forms and will host a solid lineup of DJs, VJs, and other artists to keep the party rocking until 3:00 am. This is not your ordinary concert because, within the dome, you will be thrust into an immersive experience surrounded by massive screens while dancing on a huge dancefloor. 

Where to Go and How Much Are Tickets

The Domesicle Festival is open to anyone 18 years old or older, and the party lasts from 10:00 am to 3:00 am. Tickets are incredibly consumer friendly, costing only 18$ per show, and getting a two-show pass for 26$ is an even better deal. You can find the iconic dome and all the wonders it holds with its walls at 1201 Boulevard St. Laurent, Montreal, H2X2S6. To book your tickets, please click here:

Let us take a look at some of the performers who will be bringing you into another dimension at Domesicle. 

Saturday, January 14th 

Re: Union featuring: Weekend Logic, Daura, Moaad BKR

A Montreal group created by Adam Solomon (Weekend Logic), Daura, and Moaad BKR has the sole purpose of making you forget everything on the outside world as they immerse into a wild world of music. This group of artists uses electronic dance music that spans many generations, so you can expect to hear a song or two from bygone eras. Special guest OJPB will be blasting away bass and dubstep beats that will have you sweating in no time. VJ artists Isotone and Vlair will be in charge of the 360-degree screen, and if you cannot handle flashing lights, you should avoid this show altogether. 

Saturday, January 21st

Temple Records presents: Ex-Terrestial, DJ Medallion, M Salaciak

Temple Records is a Montreal record label founded by Richard Wenger, Adam Feingold, and Matthew Salaciak. Experimental electronic music is the name of their game, and pushing boundaries is to be expected. 

This promises to be one of the most unique shows in the Domesicle Festival. Keeping up with the eccentric beats provided by Temple Records will be VJs Jason Voltaire and DIagraf. Having all three founders outing their full force behind the show, you are practically guaranteed an incredible 5 hours of fun. 

Saturday, January 28th 

Wheelie Houdini Presents Bontempo: The Mole, Gene Tellem, 

Closing out January and their final show of the month will be brought to you by Bontempo and will feature DJ Gene Tellem and, of course, Wheelie Houdini. Joining in the fun will be The Mole, who is sure to crank up the tempo too. 

Wheelie Houdini has been mastering electronica since the 80s, and with her skilled hands at the helm, your feet will never stop moving. You will have three VJs adding to the atmosphere led by Karina Bleau, U+1F624, and DAPH4000. All three of these artists have traveled the world performing and have become regulars for the esteemed Mutek festival that takes place in Montreal every summer. 

Saturday, February 4th 

Editions Appaerent Featuring Nadah El Shazly, Liliane Chlela, Lash, Orchestroll

February kicks off with multimedia art platform Edition Appaerent, which blends in live instrumental performances complimenting the DJ’s spinning on the turntables. Electronic music will show its other side with this show as Lash and Orchestroll will be the bands for the night playing anything from industrial techno to using native instruments that will have your jaw hit the floor. 

Taking control of the screens will be Myriam Boucher and Tind. Myriam Boucher is a video artist and composer from Montreal who integrates the audio and visual arts seamlessly. DJ Liliana Chlela and Nadah Shazly will add even more unique musical flavors to the show. 

Saturday, February 18th

Source: Facebook 

Making Time presents: Priori, Claire Rousay, Dave P

All good things must come to an end, and Domesicle will sadly host its final night of performances on Saturday, February 18th. Making Time will have an exciting lineup ending Domesicle with a bang. Claire Rousay will bring her fascinating usage of everyday sounds to create stunning musical pieces that keep you in touch with human relationships and self-perception. 

Francis Latreille, AKA Priori, is a Quebecois musician/DJ, and since his first album release in 2019, he has built up a small, satisfied group of fans. DJ Dave P, who was and is a prominent DJ in the Philadelphia and New York techno scenes, will have you quickly realize why he has gained residency in distinguished clubs. Easy to dance to, Dave P’s beats flow throughout the entire body. Klip Collective will have the honor of being the final VJ to take hold of the 360-degree world you will be immersed in.