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Montreal’s own March Madness

Basketball fans will have plenty to cheer about in March when Montreal’s newest professional team, the Montreal Toundra, begins its inaugural season. In addition, the legendary Harlem Globetrotters will be visiting our fair city with what is sure to be a hilarious and awe-inspiring performance. The popularity of basketball in Montreal continues to grow, and with the addition of the Montreal Toundra, fans of the sport can not only cheer on their local players but also show the NBA that we are ready for a big league team.  

Montreal has produced some stellar talent in recent years, with several local players being drafted into the NBA and playing critical roles for their teams. Players like Benedict Mathurin of the Indian Pacers, Lugentz Dort of the Oklahoma City Thunder, Khem Birch, and Chris Boucher of the Toronto Raptors. They have represented Montreal in the best possible way and have become a beacon of hope that other young Montrealer’s can make it to the NBA.  

Tickets for their home opener on March 4th and their second game the following day on March 5th are almost sold out, with less than a hundred tickets left. You’ll have to act fast if you want to be a part of this historic sporting moment. is proud to support the Montreal Canadiens and wishes them all the best in the world and, hopefully, a championship in the near future. can help you create the perfect Saturday night, including watching the Toundra or the Globetrotters, followed by a nice dinner at one of our fine restaurants or grabbing a few drinks to discuss the game at one of our trendiest nightclubs and bars. They will take care of your reservations and even help you skip any lineups to get the VIP treatment you deserve. 

Montreal Toundra vs. Virginia Valley Vipers

Date and Time: Saturday, March 4th, 7:00 pm

Location: Centre Pierre Charbonneau 3000 Viau, Montreal, H1V 3J3


The Montreal Toundra, led by their first head coach Igor Rwigema, take the court on March 5th against the Virginia Valley Vipers. The Toundra join another Quebec team, Académie D’Alma, in the TBL (The Basketball League). The Toundra is a long-standing project led by former basketball player Juan Mendez, whose primary goals are to continue to grow the popularity of basketball, allow young and older players to continue playing the game professionally, and support underserved communities in Montreal. Having gotten to know Mendez over the past few years, I remain confident that the Montreal Toundra are in the right hands and that he will take them to new heights. The Toundra’s weekend does not end after Saturday night’s game, as the following day, Sunday, March 5, they face the Lehigh Valley Legends in an afternoon game that takes place at 3:00 pm. Whether your kids love basketball or you and your friends love hitting the court for a pick-up game, watching the Montreal Toundra is a great way to enjoy the sport you love. Please get your tickets now before they sell out for their season opener. The 

Harlem Globetrotters

Date and Time: Friday March 31st 7:00pm

Location: Centre Bell


Seeing the Harlem Globetrotters live is a unique experience that combines basketball skills, comedy, and entertainment. The players are known for their incredible basketball skills, which include fantastic trick shots, slam dunks, and impressive ball handling. But the entertainment continues beyond there. 

The players also perform hilarious skits and interact with the audience throughout the game. In fact, you might even be selected to come on the court and participate in a contest or interact with the players during a break in the game against the poor Washington Generals. 

The atmosphere at a Harlem Globetrotters game is family-friendly and designed to be fun and engaging for people of all ages. The games are accompanied by high-energy music and dancing, and the players often incorporate dance moves into their routines. 

There are halftime performances featuring dancers or other entertainers to keep you and your kids entertained. You can expect to see many children in attendance, making it an excellent activity for families. Overall, attending a Harlem Globetrotters game is an unforgettable experience that combines basketball, comedy, and entertainment in a way you won’t find anywhere else.

Who are the Harlem Globetrotters?

The Harlem Globetrotters are an iconic basketball team with a rich history spanning over 95 years. The squad was initially formed in 1926 as the Savoy Big Five and played its first game in Hinckley, Illinois. Over the years, the team underwent several name changes before officially becoming the Harlem Globetrotters in 1930. 

The team’s popularity exploded in the 1950s and 60s when they began playing exhibition games around the world, showcasing their incredible basketball skills and unique style of entertainment. The Harlem Globetrotters continue to attract fans from all over the world, and in three years, they will turn an impressive 100 years old!