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Dare to be wild and sexy and dance the night away at one of Montreal’s hottest parties of the year!

Monde Ose, who has hosted some of the sexiest parties in Montreal, returns to the Lion d’Or Club on March 23 with Bal Burlesque featuring a world-class lineup of dancers. Tickets are almost sold out, so act fast if you want to be a part of one of the steamiest events of the year. Contact for reservations by text or email at 438-995-6496.

Monde Ose parties are known for getting wild, and with over 40 mega parties hosted by them since 2010, you are in good hands. This event is for the open-minded and for people who know how to respect other people’s boundaries and still know how to have an enjoyable time. Burlesque lovers will have plenty to cheer about, and those who are daring and like to dress up in their sexiest lingerie or clothing will also love the dance party. will help you book your hotel and travel accommodations if you travel from outside Montreal for the event. They will also address your restaurant needs so you can have Montreal’s best dining experience. 

Let us take a closer look at Monde Ose and what to expect at Bal Burlesque 2023.

 When and where is the Bal Burlesque?

The Bal Burlesque will take place at 9:00 pm at the Lion D’or Cabaret, 1676 Ontario Street East H2L 1S7. The Cabaret is located in Montreal’s The Village at the corner of Ontario and Papineau Streets. The Cabaret is easily accessible by public transportation; the closest subway station is Papineau, a ten-minute walk from there. 

Who is the headliner at Le Bal Burlesque?

LOU LOU LA DUCHESSE DE RIÈRE is an internationally acclaimed neo-burlesque dancer and teacher from Kahnawake, Quebec. Her burlesque journey began in 2005 with Blue Light Burlesque in Montreal. Since then, she has headlined shows across North America, including cities such as New Orleans, Las Vegas, New York, Texas, Detroit, and Chicago. 

Her contributions to the art form have not gone unnoticed. She has been consistently voted into the 21st Century Burlesque’s Burlesque Top 50 since 2018 and is currently ranked as the #2 most influential burlesque artist in the world. LOU LOU made history as the first indigenous woman to be crowned New Orleans Queen of Burlesque in September 2018 and holds titles from the 2019 Burlesque Hall of Fame, including Most Innovative. She is currently reigning as Miss Exotic World 2022, cementing her status as a true burlesque icon.

What is the dress code?

Monde Ose believes self-expression is vital, so they encourage all guests to dress in a way that reflects their inner burlesque, daring and sexy. This is your opportunity to unleash your sensuality and embrace the energy of burlesque and glamour, whether you choose formal wear or lingerie.

Please note that there will be a coat check on site, and we kindly ask you to refrain from wearing street clothes such as jeans, running shoes, or other casual attire, which can be and will result in your entry being denied under any circumstances. 

What are the rules to respect and follow at le Bal Burlesque?

At Monde Osé, we strive to create an open-minded, respectful, and fun environment. To ensure that all guests can enjoy themselves, women are the primary focus of our parties and have the right to set their own rules and boundaries. 

All guests must respect women’s boundaries and accept “no” for an answer without question. While flirting, kissing, and touching are encouraged, sexual activity is strictly prohibited. Excessive drinking is also not allowed and may result in an immediate ejection if it interferes with other guests’ enjoyment of the party.

Women should always feel comfortable rejecting any unwanted advances but should do so politely. A woman or anyone who feels disrespected or uncomfortable may speak to an event organizer or security guard. Men are expected to be charming, chivalrous, friendly, and respectful. Following these guidelines can create a space where everyone can safely explore their sensual side. 

Who is Monde Osé?

Monde Osé is more than a lifestyle brand; it is a movement. Their mission is to help people understand and embrace sensuality, love, and life. They pride themselves on providing sophisticated and seductive entertainment while maintaining high-quality products. As their name suggests, Monde Osé dares to challenge social norms and encourages individuals to explore their deepest desires. 

Monde Osé was established in 2005 when its founders, Frank, and his wife, were looking for sexy-themed parties to express their sensuality but found none that met their expectations. So Monde Osé was born, hosting monthly parties that quickly grew in popularity. After one year, the Bal Érotique was introduced, which has now become an annual celebration of sensuality, diversity, and culture, attracting over 1500 participants.