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Say goodbye to April 

Montreal’s Must Attend Week 17 is wrapping up April with an unforgettable weekend. If you’re looking for the perfect night out in Montreal, look no further than Their expert guidance will help you find the best nightlife events, top restaurants, and unbeatable rates on hotels and travel accommodations.

 On Thursday, April 27th, heavy metal fans can catch Disturbed on their Take Your Life Back Tour with Theory of a Deadman. Ultraviolet, a mixed program exploring the hidden aspects of our minds, will be running throughout the weekend. On Friday, April 28th, Anthony Rodia’s Totally Relatable Tour is sure to leave you laughing uncontrollably. On Saturday, April 29th, the Bell Centre will host Belgian singer Angèle and the Orchestre Symphonique de Montreal will take you on a musical journey through South America at Place des Arts. Finally, on Sunday, April 30th, German DJ/producer duo Mat.Joe will be performing at Muzique.

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Thursday, April 27th

Disturbed Take Your Life Back Tour with Theory of a Deadman

Disturbed is an American heavy metal band formed in 1994. Their music combines nu-metal and complex rock elements, often exploring themes of personal struggle, political unrest, and social commentary. Known for their aggressive sound and intense stage presence, the band has released several successful albums, including The Sickness, Believe, and Ten Thousand Fists. The band’s intense live shows and powerful music continue attracting metal fans worldwide, and they remain a prominent force in the heavy metal genre.

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The mixed program Ultraviolet features the work of four contemporary artists who explore various aspects of our minds. Ultraviolet is about our hidden motives and how we act. Beguile is about how we are all connected and how we influence each other. Crater is a beautiful dance set to the music of Bach. Déséquilibre délectable is an intimate creation that looks at the dark side of our emotions. Substrate is about how technology is becoming part of our lives and how it is changing us. Together, these four acts create a unique experience that will make you question consciousness in all its forms.

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Friday, April 28th

Anthony Rodia Totally Relatable Tour

Anthony, a Westchester, New York native, is a gifted comedian and a first-generation Italian American. His innate ability to find humor in any situation and his prolific social media presence have garnered him a massive following. Anthony’s popularity in the comedy world has skyrocketed thanks to his side-splitting sketches, comedic musical parodies, and the weekly “Road Rage Wednesday” segment, where he plays the beloved character “Uncle Vinny.” His exceptional delivery, masterful use of accents, and side-splitting narratives will have you laughing uncontrollably. If you are looking for a good laugh, Anthony is the comedian you do not want to miss.

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Le Projet Riopelle

In the fall of 1992, Jean-Paul Riopelle painted the monumental work L’Hommage à Rosa Luxemburg in his studio on L’Île-aux-Oies. The painting was considered his artistic testament and a tribute to his great love, Joan Mitchell, as he worked furiously on it for weeks. In a spectacular show, Robert Lepage pays homage to Riopelle, whom he considers the father of modern art in Quebec, by pushing the limits of stagecraft and inviting the audience to discover or rediscover this imposing artist. Through Riopelle’s life story, the show celebrates the Quebecois people – their defiance, their northern heritage, and their thirst for freedom – and magnifies the foundations of modern Quebecois identity.

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Saturday, April 29th


Belgian singer Angèle Van Laeken will perform at the Bell Centre in Montreal on April 29th. Angèle is one of the biggest breakout acts in French and Belgian pop music, known for breaking Stromae’s record for weeks at the top of the Belgian singles charts with her 2018 single “Tout oublier.” Angèle became famous for covering Dick Annegarn’s “Bruxelles” and her first single, “La Loi de Murphy.” Angèle affirmed her feminism with the song “Balance ton quoi” about the French #metoo movement, Balance ton porc. She enjoys many musical genres, from French songs to electronic music and rap.

South American Music and Dance with the OSM

Place des Arts is hosting an explosive concert with the OSM (Orchestre Symphonique de Montreal) on Saturday, April 29th, featuring a musical journey through South America. The program will highlight soloists, including renowned cellist Alisa Weilerstein and Venezuelan artists. The concert will feature the sensuality of the Argentine tango, the Venezuelan contrapunteo, and traditional music rhythms. The evening will continue with a festive atmosphere at the Antonia-Nantel lounge, where musicians will play South American beats to make you dance.

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Sunday, April 30th 

Mat.Joe at Muzique

Mat.Joe, the German DJ/producer duo known for their unique mix of crispy Housebeats, rhythmic Soul, and Hip Hop elements, will be performing at Muzique in Montreal on Sunday, April 30th, 2023. The duo, made up of Matze and Johannes, started their musical journey back in 2006 with a shared love for Rap, Breakdance, and Skateboarding. After moving to Berlin, Mat.Joe found their own sound and style, resulting in deep, dancefloor-qualified, warm, and rough tracks. With their love for music and ambition to improve, Mat.Joe is sure to deliver a performance to remember. Muzique is the perfect place for this german duo to blast you off into next week.