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Closed streets equal terraces, live performances, and more are coming

Montreal Mayor Valérie Plante has announced exciting news for locals and tourists alike – 10 streets in the city will be pedestrian-only this summer. This move follows last year’s investment of $12 million to pedestrianize Montreal’s commercial arteries over three years.

The pedestrianization of streets in Montreal has become a summertime signature of the city and a symbol of its dynamic commercial arteries. Thousands of families and visitors from around the world flock to these areas, boosting the districts’ economic vitality. Mayor Plante encourages the people of Montreal to take ownership of these new public spaces that reflect the city’s creativity, beauty, and spirit.

The ten pedestrian-only streets in Montreal are Mount Royal Avenue, Wellington Street, Ste-Catherine Street East, Ontario Street East, Duluth Avenue East, St-Denis Street, Ste-Catherine Street West, Marché du Nord (Jean-Talon Market), Bernard Avenue, and Castelnau Street East. These streets will be closed to cars for varying durations between May 1st and October 31st.

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While some business owners express concerns about the pedestrianization of their streets, many groups welcome the move. The Association des sociétés de développement commercial de Montréal, a business development group, is pleased with the announcement. They note that pedestrian streets create social ties and a sense of belonging essential to the vitality and well-being of the city’s neighborhoods.

Urban planner Jason Prince believes Montreal needs to catch up to many European cities regarding pedestrianization. He notes that there are higher sales when more people are on the streets. To ensure that people are drawn to these areas, the city will invest $12 million over the next three years in infrastructure, including plants, lighting, benches, and chairs.

The pedestrian streets have become a signature of the Montreal summer, and everyone is encouraged to take advantage of these new public spaces that showcase the city’s creativity, beauty, and vitality. The pedestrianization of these streets means that locals and tourists will have more restaurants and bars to enjoy. This will help promote the city’s culinary culture and encourage people to explore new neighborhoods.

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Here are some restaurant suggestions for each of the pedestrian-only streets in Montreal:

Mount Royal Avenue:

  • La Banquise – a famous spot for poutine lovers, offering over 30 varieties of this Canadian staple dish
  • La Distillerie No. 3 – a popular bar with a vast cocktail selection
  • Tandoori Express – an Indian restaurant with delicious and affordable dishes
  1. Wellington Street:
  • Blackstrap BBQ – a restaurant specializing in smoked meat and southern-style sides
  • Le Cheese Truck – a food truck-turned-restaurant offering gourmet grilled cheese sandwiches
  • Wellington – a cozy and romantic spot for French cuisine

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Ste-Catherine Street East:

  • Le Passé Composé – a trendy brunch spot with creative menu items like bacon-wrapped avocado
  • Le Lab – a speakeasy-style bar with innovative cocktails and a charming atmosphere

Ontario Street East:

  • Hogan et Beaufort – a high-end restaurant serving locally sourced, seasonal dishes
  • Marché des Saveurs – a specialty food store with a café offering delicious sandwiches and baked goods
  • Bar Le Lab – a sister location of Le Lab, offering equally impressive cocktails in a different setting

Duluth Avenue East:

  • L’Express: a Parisian-style bistro with classic French dishes and a charming decor
  • La Khaima: a Moroccan restaurant with a cozy atmosphere and flavorful tagines
  • Mme. Lee: a Korean fusion restaurant with creative dishes like kimchi grilled cheese and Korean fried chicken

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St-Denis Street:

  • Schwartz’s Deli: a famous Montreal institution serving smoked meat sandwiches
  • Le Comptoir: a cozy and casual spot for Italian-inspired dishes and a great wine selection
  • Pizzeria Magpie: a trendy pizza joint with unique toppings like smoked brisket and truffle oil

Ste-Catherine Street West:

  • La Capital Tacos – a Mexican restaurant with tasty tacos and margaritas
  • Le Robin Square – a cozy and romantic spot for French cuisine
  • Kampai Garden – a spacious and trendy Japanese izakaya with a rooftop terrace
  1. Marché du Nord (Jean-Talon Market):
  • Fromagerie Hamel – a cheese shop with a vast selection of local and imported cheeses
  • Le Petit Brûloir – a coffee shop offering excellent espresso and baked goods
  • La Boîte aux Huîtres – a seafood stand with fresh oysters and other delicacies from the sea

Bernard Avenue:

  • Lawrence – a trendy restaurant serving modern Canadian cuisine and craft cocktails
  • Kem CoBa – a must-visit ice cream shop with unique flavors like pandan and black sesame
  • Café Souvenir – a cozy and casual spot for coffee, breakfast, and sandwiches

Castelnau Street East:

  • Provisions 1268 – a bakery and café with delicious baked goods and a charming atmosphere
  • Chez Dallaire – a classic Quebecois restaurant with dishes like tourtière and poutine
  • Bar George – a stylish bar and restaurant in a historic building serving classic cocktails and elevated pub food.

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