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All that Jazz and More!

Get ready, music lovers of Montreal, because Week 27 will ignite the city with an exhilarating series of performances that will leave you craving more. This week is packed with musical magic, from the iconic Robert Plant joining forces with the extraordinary Alison Krauss to the groundbreaking sounds of Kahani at New City Gas and the electrifying Piknic Electronik. Even with a lineup change at the Montreal International Jazz Festival, the stage is set for an unforgettable fusion of funk, jazz, and soul. And let’s remember the captivating Christine and the Queens, ready to transport you into a world of pop, electro, and theatrical brilliance. Prepare to be spellbound as Montreal’s vibrant music scene comes alive, offering many experiences that will leave you mesmerized. will help you create your epic night by booking a table at one of Montreal’s restaurants. They will even hook you up with one of Montreal’s nightclubs or bars after the concert if you want to have a drink or two. That is not all; if you’re coming from out of town, will also take care of your hotel needs in ideal areas of the city and your travel accommodations at the best rates. Call or text them now at 438-995-6496 to find out how you can have the perfect night in Montreal.

Friday, July 7th

Robert Plant & Alison Krauss

Get ready, Montreal music enthusiasts, for an exciting night of pure musical magic at Place des Arts on Friday, July 7th! The legendary Robert Plant, renowned frontman of the iconic Led Zeppelin, will be gracing the stage alongside the extraordinary bluegrass sensation Alison Krauss. This once-in-a-lifetime collaboration promises to be an extraordinary fusion of Plant’s rock genius and Krauss’s captivating vocals. As anticipation builds, fans eagerly await the harmonious symphony that will resonate throughout the venue. Plant’s timeless charisma and Krauss’s ethereal talent will intertwine, creating an electrifying atmosphere that will leave you spellbound.

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Indo Warehouse New City Gas

Take advantage of Kahani’s groundbreaking performance at New City Gas (Bazart) on Friday, July 7th! This innovative artist is known for fusing global dance rhythms with a South Asian touch, creating a unique and captivating sound. Kahani has become a trailblazer with his collective Nonresident and imprint label Indo Warehouse, curating emerging diaspora talent and collaborating with top-tier artists. From opening for DeadMau5 to a residency in Tulum, Kahani’s reputation as a disruptor in the electronic and world music scene is well-established. Get ready to be mesmerized by his boundary-pushing soundscapes and infectious beats as he takes the stage in Montreal. 

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Saturday, July 8th

Montreal International Jazz Festival Closing Show

Unfortunately, Macy Gray fans were disappointed as her closing-night show at the 43rd Montreal International Jazz Festival had to be canceled. The American soul singer, who was scheduled to perform a free outdoor concert at Place des Festivals, had to withdraw due to unforeseen circumstances beyond the festival’s control. However, the jazz fest wasted no time finding a suitable replacement, and local funk sensation The Brooks will now take the stage as the headliner for Saturday’s concert. Joining The Brooks will be the talented Montreal jazz singer Dominique Fils-Aimé, who is gearing up to release her highly anticipated fourth album later this year, and the soulful singer Hanorah. While Gray’s absence is unfortunate, this lineup change brings an exciting fusion of funk, jazz, and soul to the forefront, ensuring a memorable evening for all festival attendees.

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Sunday July 9th

Piknic Electronik

Get ready for an electrifying day of music and dance as Piknic Electronik presents a stellar lineup of DJs on Sunday, July 9th. The legendary Kerri Chandler leads the charge, a true pioneer of house music known for his soulful and infectious beats. Joining him is the versatile Fred Everything, whose seamless blending of genres and impeccable track selection always leaves the crowd craving more. The dynamic and talented Ellxandra will grace the stage, bringing her unique style and energy. And don’t miss the captivating sounds of Interplanetary Criminal, whose futuristic beats will transport you to another dimension. Rounding out the lineup is the enigmatic Honeydrip, ready to deliver an unforgettable performance. With this incredible roster of DJs, Piknic Electronik promises an unforgettable day of non-stop grooves, pulsating rhythms, and pure musical bliss.

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Christine and the Queens

Led by the incredibly talented and charismatic Héloïse Letissier, Christine and the Queens is known for its captivating blend of pop, electro, and theatricality. This French band has taken the music world by storm with their infectious energy and powerful stage presence. From their critically acclaimed album “Chaleur Humaine” to their latest releases, Christine and the Queens never fail to deliver a breathtaking live experience. As the lights dim and the first notes fill the venue, the audience will be transported into a world of artistic brilliance, where Letissier’s mesmerizing vocals and captivating choreography come together to create a truly unforgettable show.

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