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You’re Wrong About, Le Projet Riopelle, Ultraviolet, and more!

Montreal’s entertainment scene is buzzing with exciting shows and performances that will thrill audiences in May 2023. Among the most anticipated events is a live performance of the popular modern history podcast “You’re Wrong About” by media critic and author Sarah Marshall. Other notable performances include Le Projet Riopelle, a tribute to Quebec artist Jean-Paul Riopelle by acclaimed director Robert Lepage, and Ultraviolet, a mixed program of contemporary dance that explores the depths of the human psyche.

For those seeking a good laugh, comedian Fabien Cloutier’s latest one-man show, “Délicat,” will surely tickle your funny bones. And for those looking for something touching and relatable, Lise Dion’s fourth show, “Chu rendue là,” is must-see. These shows and other notable performances promise to make Montreal’s cultural scene vibrant and exciting in May. will help you create your epic night by booking you a table at one of Montreal’s fine restaurants, and they will even hook you up with one of Montreal’s nightclubs or bars after the concert if you want to have a drink or two. That is not all; if you come from out of town, will also care for your hotel needs in ideal city areas and your travel accommodations at the best rates. will take care of all your needs, and all you have to do is call or text them now at 438-995-6496.

YOU’RE WRONG ABOUT – PODCAST with Sarah Marshall

Venue: Fairmont Theatre

Date: Thursday, May 18th

On Thursday, May 18th, Sarah will be performing “You’re Wrong About” live at the Fairmount Theatre in Montreal. Sarah Marshall is a media critic, writer, and co-host of the popular modern history podcast “You’re Wrong About,” whose work has been featured in publications such as The Believer and Buzzfeed and is currently working on a book about the Satanic Panic.

Le Projet Riopelle

Venue: Theatre Jean Duceppe

Dates: April 25 to June 11

In the fall of 1992, Jean-Paul Riopelle painted the monumental work L’Hommage à Rosa Luxemburg in his studio on L’Île-aux-Oies. The painting was considered his artistic testament and a tribute to his great love, Joan Mitchell, as he worked furiously on it for weeks. In a spectacular show, Robert Lepage pays homage to Riopelle, whom he considers the father of modern art in Quebec, by pushing the limits of stagecraft and inviting the audience to discover or rediscover this imposing artist. Through Riopelle’s life story, the show celebrates the Quebecois people – their defiance, their northern heritage, and their thirst for freedom – and magnifies the foundations of modern Quebecois identity.

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Venue: Theatre Maisonneuve

Date: April 27th to May 6th

This bold mixed program explores the various facets of our individual and collective unconscious through the universes of four contemporary choreographers. Ultraviolet sheds light on the hidden motivations of our actions and reveals the shadows within each of us. Vancouver’s Lesley Telford explores our interconnectedness and influence on others and vice versa in Beguile. The company’s principal dancer, Roddy Doble choreographed the beautiful pas de deux Crater to Bach’s Marcello Concerto. Canadian choreographer Kristen Céré, known for her work with the Nederlands Dans Theater, delves into the complexity and depth of human emotion in Delectable Imbalance, using movement to explore a way of navigating visceral and raw expression. Australian choreographer Cass Mortimer Eipper questions our senses and knowledge in Substrat as the digital world becomes an extension of our humanity.

Arleen Thibault – Fille de laitier

Venue: Salle Claude Leveillee

Date: May 9 and 10

Arleen Thibault presents her second storytelling show accompanied by the musician Robin Servant. The daughter and granddaughter of dairy farmers, she draws on family anecdotes and memories collected from milk carriers to recount the truths and myths of an almost legendary profession. Known for her humor and touching presence on stage, Thibault has been performing throughout the French-speaking world for over 20 years. Her first creation for the theatre, Le Voeu, has toured nearly 100 venues in Canada and France and won several awards, including the CALQ Work of the Year Award.

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Fabien Cloutier – Délicat

Date: May 11th and May 12th

Venue: Theatre Maisonneuve

Fabien Cloutier, a successful comedian, and writer known for his unique and imaginative writing style, presents his next one-man show, “Délicat.” Despite his reputation for being blunt and direct, Cloutier’s writing expresses a constant attention to detail without losing its edge. His new show challenges the idea that certain things cannot be said and suggests that a little delicacy can make all the difference. Cloutier has already enjoyed success with his three solo shows and TV series Léo.

Lise Dion – Chu rendue là

Date: May 19 and 20

Venue: Theatre Maisonneuve

Lise Dion is a well-known comedian who has sold over 1 million tickets. Her fourth show, “Chu rendue là,” has sold over 225,000 tickets and highlights her authenticity, generosity, and self-deprecating humor. The show features anecdotes and everyday experiences that many can relate to, highlighting Dion’s unapologetic personality.

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Oona Doherty – Navy Blue

Venue: Theatre Maisonneuve

Date: May 30th to June 1st

Belfast-born contemporary dancer Oona Doherty is making waves in the dance world with her visceral honesty and works haunted by Northern Ireland’s past, including violence, patriarchy, and religion. Her most ambitious work to date, Navy Blue, features a dozen performers clad in blue jumpsuits, charged with a powerful antidote to individual insignificance. In this stunning piece, dancers of varying ages and physical histories move in unison to Rachmaninov’s Piano Concerto No. 2 before collapsing onstage. Despite the social ruin that surrounds us, nothing is more hypnotic and furiously alive than this dance.


Date: May 30th through June 4th

Venue: Salle Wilfrid-Pelletier

Australian choreographer Jayne Smeulders invites you to immerse yourself in the fairy tale of Cinderella, faithful to the story of the Brothers Grimm and set to Prokofiev’s famous score. Despite the harsh treatment of her stepmother and two selfish and vain stepsisters, poor Cinderella’s fate changes thanks to the divine Fairy Godmother forever. The ballet on pointe has been recreated for the company with new sparkling sets and costumes, and some roles have been specially created for the company’s dancers to add even more magic to the enchanted garden scenes. 

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