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The Superbowl Is Less Than a Month Away!

Montreal, a city pulsating with a rich sports culture, is a haven for sports enthusiasts. The city’s vibrant energy is especially evident in its bars and restaurants, each offering a unique ambiance for watching everything from local hockey games to international sports events. This guide delves into some of the premier locations in Montreal where the spirit of sports is alive and thriving. is your go-to for a fabulous night out in Montreal. They’ll sort you out with a table at a great restaurant, and if you’re up for drinks after your concert, they’ve got connections with the most excellent clubs and bars in town. Are you coming from out of town? No sweat; they’ll also hook you up with sweet hotel spots and travel deals. Just give them a ring or shoot a text at 438-995-6496 and get ready for a fantastic night in Montreal!

Downtown and Old Montreal: The Epicenter of Sports Fervor

  1. Station des Sports: Nestled in the bustling Village on Sainte-Catherine Street, Station des Sports is not just a bar; it’s an experience. With its electric atmosphere and an array of screens showcasing various sports, it’s a magnet for fans who thrive in a lively setting. Whether it’s the NHL, NFL, or NBA, this spot ensures you’re in the heart of the action.
  2. MVP Bar Sportif: A stone’s throw from the iconic Bell Centre, MVP Bar Sportif is a two-story haven for sports fans. Its proximity to the home of the Montreal Canadiens adds to its allure, making it an ideal venue for immersing yourself in the thrill of live sports.
  3. La Cage Brasserie Sportive: La Cage is a versatile destination with multiple locations, including near the Bell Centre and the charming Old Port. It caters to fans of various sports, from hockey and soccer to tennis and UFC, offering a dynamic viewing experience and a tempting menu.

Plateau-Mont-Royal: Where Arts and Sports Intertwine

  1. Champs: As the most prominent sports bar in the Plateau, Champs is a fusion of sports enthusiasm and culinary delight. It features twelve screens, a diverse bar menu, and a summer patio on Saint-Laurent Boulevard, making it a favorite for game nights and casual hangouts.
  2. Bar St-Laurent Frappé: Known for its pool tables and large screens, this bar also boasts a summer patio, offering a relaxed environment for sports and socializing.
  3. Barfly: A quintessential dive bar, Barfly has a loyal following among Canadiens fans. It’s a place where the charm of old-school Montreal meets the excitement of live sports.

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Mile End and Little Italy: Celebrating Soccer and Gastronomy

  1. Bishop & Bagg: This British pub in Mile End is a sanctuary for hockey and soccer enthusiasts. It’s renowned not just for its sports screenings but also for its exceptional food, creating a perfect blend of sports viewing and dining.
  2. Café Olimpico: A staple in Mile End, especially during the World Cup and Euro seasons, this café is famed for its top-notch lattés and vibrant soccer-fan community.
  3. Caffè Italia: Situated in the heart of Little Italy, this café is a gathering spot for soccer lovers. It’s known for its authentic espresso and the passionate discussions of soccer enthusiasts.

Little Burgundy and Saint-Henri: A Fusion of New Flavors and Sports

  1. The Burgundy Lion: More than just a pub, The Burgundy Lion in Little Burgundy rivals larger sports bars with its enthusiastic crowd of soccer and hockey fans. The pub’s exceptional food and drink offerings add to its charm.
  2. Bar de Courcelle: Located in Saint-Henri, this bar is a cozy spot for enjoying a game on screen with a refreshing drink.
  3. Pub Epoxy: Known for its selection of 16 beers on tap, signature cocktails, and delectable food, Pub Epoxy is a must-visit for those seeking a comprehensive sports bar experience.

Each of these locations in Montreal offers a distinct atmosphere and caters to various preferences. Whether you’re a die-hard sports fan or simply searching for a lively spot to enjoy a game with friends, these venues promise an unforgettable experience. The vibe of each place can vary, so exploring a few to find your perfect match is recommended. Montreal’s sports bar scene is filled with options guaranteeing you to find a front-row seat every time.

Text or call now at 438-995-6496 and plan your perfect weekend in Montreal.