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Delicious cafés to keep you burning the midnight oil or dealing with your hangovers

Montreal like New York City never sleeps and that means coffee is a regular part of Montreal’s diet and finding the right Cafés is key to survival. Montreal is littered with Tim Horton’s and Starbucks but who wants corporate cold-hearted generic brews when you can enjoy some one of many independently owned cafes? 

Montreal’s independent cafes not only bring love and passion to the art of making coffee they also offer beautiful locations and warm ambiances to sip on your preferred drink of the day. There are easily a hundred if not a thousand local coffee shops on the island of Montreal but not all are made equal and not all can match the standards of the cafés we will cover here. Let us take a look at some of Montreal’s best coffee spots to enjoy your favorite brews in comfort and style. 

Café Myriad

Since 2008 Café Myriad has grown to offer up four separate locations for their sensational coffees. You can find the four Cafes in the Golden Square Mile on Mackay, Dominion Square on St. Catherine, Le Plateau on St. Denis, and Mont Royal on Mont-Royal. 

Café Myriad enjoys serving coffee with a variety of music that can raise eyebrows at times but also means every experience may be unique. Cafe Myriad ensures that all their coffee beans used are premium beans and help support independent local and international roasters. Your lips will appreciate the scope of possibilities they can taste here.

Pastel Rita

Pastel Rita is a gorgeous café that as you can imagine is decorated with a light pastel color scheme that will immediately brighten up your day. Pastel Rita which is located on Boulevard St. Laurent north of St. Viateur is more than a café because they serve wine and sell artisanal products made by local artists. Creativity is the name of the game at Pastel Rita, but rests assured their coffee is just as delicious and their food menu is nearly impossible to pass up.

Café Saint Henri

Café Saint Henri has established itself for years in Saint Henri and Verdun areas and has also expanded to Jean-Talon Market offering more than coffee along the way. Café Saint Henri has grown into a coffee mentor providing coffee drinkers with lessons in brewing and how to find the right coffee for you. Their love of the bean is strong and currently sell their amazing products online which means you can enjoy their brews in the comfort of home. 


What started as an Ice Coffee delivery service in 2012 evolved into a coffee food truck and then grew into a coffee shop. Dispatch now has four locations including one café in Toronto. Dispatch has been able to grow because of their amazing coffee practices that guarantee the high-quality beans that have been raved about in Vogue Magazine, HuffPost, CultMTl, Montreal Gazette, and anyone who has ever had the privilege to try their brews. 

Café Olimpico

Arguably one of if not the best Italian Coffee shops in all of Quebec, Café Olimpico has served up amazing espresso since 1970 under Rocco Furfaro leading the way. What started as a local café where the boys can enjoy watching soccer has grown into a Montreal hotspot attracting locals and tourists all year round. 

The list of celebrities and political figures that have enjoyed their unique espresso and Lattes is far too long to mention and can be as long as their lineups too. Café Olimpico is an institution and having their coffee is a gift that everyone should enjoy. 

Caffe Italia

Since 1956 Little Italy Café Italia has been the home of soccer fans and anyone wanting a taste of Italy in Montreal. This iconic coffee shop has not changed much in terms of its appearance which helps create that nostalgic feeling of the days of old. The coffee is incredible, and you can be sure to hear an argument or two about soccer too. 

Crew Collective & Café

This café is found in the old port of the Old Bank of Montreal building constructed in 1926 making it one of the most visually stunning cafés in all of Montreal. The Crew Collective has created a great ambiance that can accommodate patrons that want to work by providing desks in “work” areas and more casual settings for others who wish to relax. 

The Crew Collective also offers private spaces to hold business meetings or private reunions. Their tasty coffee will help you keep focused on the business of the day and do not forget to try one of their delicious teas. If there ever was the ideal coffee shop to get the job done the Crew Collective & Café is the spot to be.