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Support Restaurants During Their Quiet Season While Enjoying Amazing Dishes 

The Old Port in Montreal during Winter slows down after an action-packed summer every year, and Old Montreal Restaurants can suffer during the winter months of the slowdown. Although there might not be as many festivals or tourists visiting Montreal in winter, it does not mean you cannot take advantage of the fantastic restaurants found in the old port; you will eat amazing food and help local business owners survive their “dead” season. 

Do not get me wrong, plenty of action takes place in Old Montreal all year round, and hotspots that are trending are sure to require some help getting reservations regardless of the time of year. Montreal Nightlife knows you are bound to get hungry for some delicious food, and heading to the Old Port is a sure-fire way to satisfy your taste buds. They might be a bit pricier, but you will always get the quality you and your loved ones deserve. Let us look at seven restaurants you should try at the old Port of Montreal. 

Da Emma 

Location: 777 De La Commune Rue O, Montreal, QC, Canada, Quebec

Cuisine: Italian


Da Emma is legendary not only because of their classic scrumptious Italian dishes but also because of the woman who commands the kitchen, Chef Emma Risa. Her expert hands have created and served Italian delights since 1993, using traditional and straightforward recipes to perfection. All levels of society enjoy Da Emma, from Hollywood celebs to everyday people celebrating a church communion. Tasty food attracts all, and Da Emma is one of the best. Their lasagna is to die for and a must-have. 


Location: 1076 de Bleury, Montreal, QC, Canada, Quebec

Cuisine: Peruvian-Asian


Have you ever tried a cuisine that incorporates Asian and Peruvian culinary sensibilities? Well, now is your chance at Tiradito their unique flavors mingle and create stunning dishes for you to enjoy. Chef Marcel Larrea is at the helm, and you will be begging him for more by the time you are done eating. Tapas-style dishes are the name of the game here, and you will have your pick of fish, meat, and vegetarian options to fill you right up. Taking one of each is always plausible here, too. 


Location: 438 McGill, Montreal, QC, Canada, Quebec

Cuisine: Portuguese


Looking for some Portuguese cuisine that is not simply smoked rotisserie chicken and wanting to explore Portugal’s culinary universe to the fullest will bring you to Helena. Helena is a higher-end Portuguese restaurant that knows how to work a grill and create some fantastic fish and seafood dishes. It will be as close as you can get to experiencing authentic Portuguese food using traditional recipes in Montreal. Helena takes pride in selecting all the freshest local ingredients they can find, elevating the quality even higher. 


Location: 407 Rue McGill, Montreal, QC, Canada, H2Y2G3

Cuisine: French


The Holder is a French Bistro that hides in a beautiful Brasserie, serving incredible drinks and meals from Brunch to Dinner. Holder opened its doors in 2003 by the Trio of Holder brothers, who have graced Montreal with other excellent eateries across the city. Visually stunning décor and tasty French cuisine-inspired dishes will always hit the right spot. Try their Steak Frites or go a bit bolder and try their duck confit served with roasted potatoes, arugula, and white truffle dressing. 


Location: 626 Marguerite d’Youville, Montreal, QC, Canada, H3C 1W7

Cuisine: Seafood/Fish, Grill 


Jellyfish was ranked in the top 100 restaurants in Canada by OpenTable in 2019 and continues to draw repeat satisfied customers through their doors. Whether you are a fan of the raw bar or their meaty delicacies cooked on a grill, Jellyfish will provide. The atmosphere inside can get a little more boisterous later in the night, but it always maintains a certain level of sophistication and class at all times. Have some oysters or their ceviche with a nice glass of white wine, and you are all set. 


Location: 479 Rue St-Alexis, Montreal, QC, Canada, H2Y 2N7

Cuisine: French, Canadian


Nothing beats the freezing weather like having a nice hearty meal at L’Orignal. It may seem odd to have a country cottage-influenced decorated restaurant at the old port, but they save you the hassle of leaving the island of Montreal. You can experience such rich dishes that require a big knife and fork to empty your dishes. Comfort food at its finest that can have to bite into a mighty bison burger or cut into a tasty Pork Schnitzel. You might have to be rolled out of the restaurant, but at least you will be yet another satisfied customer. 


Location: 464 McGill St, Montreal, Quebec H2Y 2H2

Cuisine: Vegetarian-Vegan


Eating Vegan does not have to be boring or plain because Lov takes the love of plant-based foods to another level. Lov’s dining room has beautiful chandeliers and uses whites and greens that help you feel like you are dining in mother natures bosom. All their ingredients are sustainably and ethically sourced from Quebecois farmers, reinforcing their appreciation for quality and taste. Their dishes are colorful and jam-packed with flavors that will make the staunchest of carnivores smile. Enjoy the LOV tacos or chow down their amazing Coconut curry, and do not forget the dessert and have their special brownies.