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Montreal’s Restaurant Industry Is Filled with Hidden Gems, and We Help You Uncover Them 

This holiday season, you might be getting frustrated trying to book reservations in some wildly popular restaurants only to get refused because they are fully booked. The solution is simple there are so many low-profile restaurants in Montreal that can offer that great delicious food you crave but have yet to hear of. 

Sticking to your favorite resto’s has its advantages but come on, it is time to try new locations, and your repertoire of tasty choices will only grow. It would be a shame for some of these Restaurants that strive under the radar not to receive the acclaim they deserve, and that is why we are sharing this list. 

We want to help support these excellent restaurants and give them, the respect they deserve. Even if you are a hole-in-the-wall restaurant, you can still compete with the best chefs in town, in fact sometimes, these locales are the best-hidden secrets. So, let us take a look at eight low-profile restaurants you absolutely need to stick your fork in. 

Les Délices de l’Île Maurice

Location: 272 rue Hickson, Montreal, QC, Canada, H4G 2J6

Cuisine: Indian-East African


A hidden gem in Verdun is waiting to serve you exotic dishes influenced by both Indian and East African cuisines from the Mauritius Islands. The Mauritius Island lies in the Indian Ocean off the coast of Africa, so you can expect plenty of but not limited to, tasty seafood. Exotic spices will spoil your taste buds with new flavor profiles, and you should definitely try their wallet-friendly Table d’Hote menus. Some dishes to consider are the Crispy Fish Filet with Ginger Sauce or their Hakien; a Mauritian Roll stuffed with fish, pork, mushrooms, and bamboo shoots. 

Restaurant Ho Guom

Location: 2605 Rue Jean-Talon Est, Montreal, QC, Canada, H2A1V1

Cuisine: Vietnamese


Ho Guom is a Vietnamese delight tucked away in the Villeray borough of Montreal, where you can bring your own wine. Soup lovers know that their Pho’s can be enjoyed all year round, but the timing is even better now that we are in winter. Ho Guom also serves many classic Viet dishes if Pho does not appeal to you. Ho Guom offers lunch specials and Table D’hotes options that will keep your belly filled and keep a smile on your face. 


Location: 3455 Boulevard Saint-Martin O, Laval, QC H7T 1A2, Canada

Cuisine: Syrian


Sometimes the best barometer to determine if the restaurant you are eating in is absolutely authentic is worth it is by who is eating there. Beroya is a middle eastern eatery that brings Syrian Cuisine to the fore and guess what? Once you step into the restaurant, you will see big middle eastern families feasting on their unique dishes. If they love it, you can bet you will love it too. Try the Kabab Karaz and be sure to ask for some of their homemade dipping sauces that will leave you drooling. 

Thai Sep 

Location: 1900 Jean-Talon Est, Montreal, QC, Canada, H2E 1T6

Cuisine: Thai-Laos


Experience the beauty of Southeast Asian dishes at Thai Sep, bringing Thai and Laos cuisines alive on every plate. If you are a fan of spicy dishes that may spring a leak in your nose and have you begging for a bit of water, you have also come to the right place. You can enjoy plenty of milder, sweeter options even if you are not a fan of spicy hot dishes. 

Khyber Pass Restaurant

Location: 506 Av. Duluth E, Montréal, QC H2L 1A7, Canada

Cuisine: Afghan


 When a mother is a head of a kitchen, you know great food is coming your way. Khyber Pass serves Afghan dishes that fully encapsulate the region’s traditional meals and culture. Every bite you take will offer aromatic and full-flavoured mouthfuls that will have you begging for more. Khyber Pass also has incredibly unique décor, which adds to the general mood and is undoubtedly appealing to the eye. Bring your own wine too!


Location: 1803 Rue Poirier, Saint-Laurent, QC H4L 5K8, Canada

Cuisine: Uyghur-Asian/Halal


Miran is a rare restaurant in Montreal that serves Uyghur-inspired dishes that encompass halal traditions despite the region being in China. Chef Abdul Samad is at the helm and is no slouch when it comes to preparing meats in different scrumptious ways. Reasonably priced and absolutely delicious are more than enough reasons to try an utterly unique spot in Montreal, let alone the borough of St. Laurent. 


Location: 2077 Rue Sainte-Catherine, Montréal, QC H3H 1M6, Canada

Cuisine: Anatolian-Turkish


In the heart of Montreal’s Downtown core, you could find Avesta, one of our city’s best Turkish restaurants. If you love succulent lamb shanks perfectly braised, you have come to the right place. Exotic flavors are never in short supply at Avesta and truly represent Turkish Cuisine in all the right ways. 

Bistro Nolah 

Location: 3669 Boul. Saint-Jean, Dollard-des-Ormeaux, QC H9G 1X2, Canada

Cuisine: Cajun


No need to head to the bayou for some Cajun dishes because in the West Island of Montreal, Bistro Noah is waiting to serve you. Experience New Orleans’ most famous dishes like Louisiana Crab Cakes, Shrimp Creole with Jambalaya or the decadent shrimp and Grits. You will be glad the Saints are Marching in at Bistro Nolah because their food is worth celebrating.