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A Winter Wonderland with cool cocktails to keep you feeling warm and fuzzy 

After a successful launch last year Hiverside is returning to the Lachine Canals Riverside Bar in 2022 and turning it into a massive igloo. Grey Goose and Cointreau have taken over the interior of the igloo and have hired the masterful hands of ice sculptor Julien Dore to create a beautiful ice bar. Julien Dore is renowned for his work in Quebec City and his enormous Hotel de Glace where you can spend the night in a hotel room fully furnished with ice furniture including the bed. 

Hiverside will be launching Thursday, December 8th, and will stay open all weekend long. Hiverside will be open from Wednesday to Sunday every weekend in December and weather permits in January Hiverside will remain open for at least another two weeks. 

The cost of entry is 20$ plus tax but unlike other bars, you will get one free drink and hand warmers to keep frostbite at bay. Dressing appropriately is suggested although igloos can resist the outdoor weather fairly well, they will remain frosty inside. Skip the open-toe heels ladies and break out the sexy boots instead. For groups of 8 guests or more, reservations are needed for access, and if you are not in a group, reservations or a guest list are unavailable. 

Hiverside is located near the Lachine Canal in St. Henri which is rapidly becoming one of Montreal’s most burgeoning areas when it comes to restaurants and nightlife options. Winter can be harsh in Montreal, but this Ice bar is a definite treat adults can enjoy and maybe sing some of Disney’s Frozen songs once their cocktails have loosened themselves up. 

What to Expect Inside the Igloo

When you step into this adult winter wonderland dream you will see the beautifully and intricately sculpted ice bar that can only lure you in closer. Nearly everything in the interior of the igloo will be made out of ice ranging from chairs, tables, and booths to accommodate you and your friends. It is not all ice because some lush greenery was added to help add some warmth. 

If you are wondering about “how can we sit down on a block of ice without freezing our asses off?” you need not worry because elegant soft fur pelts have a place on the furniture you can sit on making it not only comfortable, but you worry about chilling your bottom half. 

Holiday Spirits you can Sip On 

With Grey Goose and Cointreau as the main sponsors of the venue you can expect some delicious cocktails to be available that reflect the holiday season. Their altered version of the Cosmopolitan martini adds cotton candy to the mix among other tasty ingredients to create the Cotton Candy Claus-mopolitan.

If something sweet is not for you and you want a drink with a little more kick to it try their Ho-Ho-Hot Toddy which incorporates Grey Goose Pear, Belle de Brillet, tea, ginger, black pepper, honey, and rosemary as garnish. You can also expect to have your drinks served in unique glasses adding even more artistic elements to the masterpiece Julien Dore has constructed. For example, you should check how Hiverside serves its delicious egg nogg you will be pleasantly surprised. 

Hiverside will also provide an outdoor area where you can enjoy your drinks as well and there will be space heaters to keep your temperatures up. Overall, Hiverside is a wonderful experience that only comes once a year and for a brief period of time making it a must-see before it all melts away. So put on your sexy snowsuits and your dancing boots because you are about to have a wonderful time at the Lachine Canal. 

Who Are The Sponsors

Grey Goose

The king of kings when it comes to vodka. France is known for its fine wines and delicious foods, but Grey Goose is always on the lips of any vodka lover. Grey Goose is a wheat and Gensac spring water-based vodka. Offering an incredibly smooth and tasty flavor that never fails. They also have flavored vodkas that include Pear, Lemon, Orange, and Black Cherry to name a few. Grey was founded in 1997 in France and quickly elevated itself as one of the best vodkas out on the market. 


Cointreau is that sweet friend you love to hang out with because it goes well with anything you mix it with. Cointreau was founded in 1849 in France and has won over 300 international awards since its inception. Cointreau is orange-based liqueur which is perfect to use for cosmopolitans, and margaritas and if you visit their website, you can find over 400 recipes that inspire you. 


Location: 5020 rue St-Ambroise, Montréal, QC H4C 2G1


Opening Hours: 

Wednesday & Thursday: 6 pm to 11 pm

Friday: 6 pm to midnight

Saturday: 5 pm to midnight

Sunday: 5 pm to 11 pm