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Making The Top 50 Best List Is Something to Be Proud Of

Every year the website Theworlds50best sends out their experts and critics to find the best restaurants and bars in the world, and in 2022 three Montreal restaurants have made the cut. To be included on their list is a great honor and opportunity for the restaurants that provide great exposure for their arduous work. The fact that three Montreal restaurants made the list of restaurants to discover is a fine example of how Montreal’s culinary experiences are amongst the best in the world. 

Whether you live in Montreal or are a tourist looking for tasty morsels to devour our city can provide and then some. Restaurants Vin Mon Lapin, Restaurant Plaza, and restaurant Beba have made the top fifty that initially had one thousand restaurants at the start of it. All three of these Montreal restaurants have their own unique characters helping them stand out and giving critics a tough time leaving them off any “best” list. 

In 2023 we will find out if our three candidates to make the top 50 have completed it, but regardless of where they end up being ranked, they have done enough to gather the attention they deserve. 

To make the list, restaurants need to offer the complete experience the moment you step through their doors. Having fantastic food is the ultimate way to garner votes and get you in the top 50. We highly recommend you visit these restaurants if you are a foodie or looking for a lovely evening out with a loved one or friends. Let us look at what you can expect when visiting these critically acclaimed restaurants in Montreal. 

 Vin Mon Lapin 

Location:  150 St-Zotique Est, Montreal, QC, Canada, H2S 1K8

Cuisine: French 


Montreal is truly blessed when it comes to delicious restaurants, and Mon lapin takes you to an even higher stratosphere of flavors. Led By Vanya Filipovic and Marc-Olivier Frappier, who collaborated with the prominent Joe Beef Group, they decided to forge their own path partnering up with Jessica Noel, Marc Antoine Gelinas, and Alex Landry. This new power group create Vin Mon Lapin and is applying a wholly innovative approach to their dishes and how the entire restaurant functions. 

Anyone in the industry knows how hierarchical the kitchen can get. Still, Vin Mon Lapin is doing away with that old approach and encouraging flexibility that is creating a positive workplace. That positivity they have generated in the back end is oozing into the front end to all our benefit. Vin Mon Lapin takes all the proper steps to ensure that the three critical pillars of excellent service are a wine list you cannot resist and, of course, the tastiest dishes. Vin Mon Lapin changes their menus, often making every visit unique without losing the consistency they have developed. 

Montreal Plaza

Location:6230 St-Hubert Montreal, QC, Canada H2S 2M2

Cuisine: French 


You will not have an experience like the one at Montreal Plaza found on St. Hubert Street in Montreal. Not only will you get to eat fantastic food, but you will also be entertained by, believe it or not, sesame street, doll houses, and even dinosaurs. You might be thinking, is this a restaurant for kids, and the answer is absolutely not. Chef-Owners Cheryl Johnson and Charles Antoine Crete blend their respective talents to bring you the finest dishes served with a childlike flair without sacrificing quality. They let their imagination run wild, and your taste buds will appreciate how fantastic they can get. 

We suggest trying their Vin Jaune Chicken or Mackerel Planch, and if you are hungry, you should take on their tasting menu and get a taste of multiple servings. Not having one of their signature cocktails would also be tragic; as you can expect, they are indeed one of a kind. 

Restaurant Beba 

Location: 3900 Rue Ethel, Verdun, QC, Canada, H4G 1S4

Cuisine: Italian/Spanish /Argentinian


Restaurant Beba is one of those restaurants that feels like you just went to eat at your grandmother’s house without the plastic-wrapped furniture. Restaurant Beba, named after the owner’s grandmother, exudes warmth and intimacy in their thirty-seat restaurant. Size does not matter in this case because the brothers Ari and Pablo Schor, who run the kitchen, offer incredible dishes that prove quality is everything. The brothers, who are from Argentina, blend their native culinary influences, which were influenced by Italian and Spanish cuisines. 

This unique blend of cuisines creates a menu filled with hearty and succulent plates that can be enjoyed. Their menu is small, with ten items to choose from, which some will argue is limiting, but the sheer amount of fresh ingredients used in each of those dishes makes it worthwhile. Vegetarians and carnivores can congregate peacefully at Beba because their menu provides for both tastes. 

One thing is clear you will not leave with an empty stomach, and your thirst for wine will also be quenched with their sweet wine menu. If you are looking for warmth and intimacy, Restaurant Beba is an excellent choice for keeping your hunger at bay. 

Honorable Mention

Bar Le Vintage 132

Location: 132 Rue Fleury O, Montréal, QC H3L 1T4


Bar 132 Vintage has also made its way on the prestigious website and is under consideration to make it on their Top 50 Bars in the world. Bar 132 Vintage wowed patrons this past October, working with popup Black Lagoon converting their bar into a Halloween wonderland for a month. Bar 132 Vintage has an incredible drink menu that can only be appreciated with one of their drinks in your hands.