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Yours to Discover: Cloakroom, Gokudo, Cold Room  

Looking for a bar in downtown Montreal? Montreal has a vibrant bar scene that offers a wealth of options for those looking to experience the city’s nightlife. From hidden speakeasies to trendy cocktail bars, downtown Montreal is the place to be year-round. One hidden gem is the Cloakroom Bar, a speakeasy tucked behind a high-end tailor shop that offers custom drinks made by skilled mixologists. Another notable addition to downtown’s underground bar scene is Gokudo, a secret Japanese cocktail bar tucked behind a tiny fish shack. Then, there is The Coldroom, a stylish semi-secret speakeasy that is also a favourite among Montreal’s clubbing elite. With so many options, downtown Montreal’s speakeasy bar scene will satisfy anyone looking for a night out hidden in plain sight.

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Location: 2175 Rue de la Montagne #100, Montréal, QC H3G 1Z8

Cloakroom Bar is a hidden gem behind a high-end downtown Montreal tailor shop. With only 25 seats, this intimate watering hole does not take reservations and offers custom drinks made by skilled mixologists. The 19th-century building and its adjoining spaces, The Cloakroom and The Cloakroom Barber inspire mixologist and bar manager Andrew Whibley to create unique cocktails reminiscent of the Prohibition era. With its no-menu approach, patrons can let the bartender know their preferences, and they will create a memorable and inventive cocktail to suit their tastes. Cloakroom’s sophisticated and clandestine atmosphere makes it a popular destination for those seeking the nostalgic experience of sneaking out for a few drinks at night and avoiding the police. Cloakroom is a golden experience in downtown Montreal’s Golden Square Mile district. The bar is open seven days a week, Monday through Sunday, with varying hours, so plan your visit accordingly.

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Location: 630 Rue Cathcart, Montréal, QC H3B 3C4

Tucked away in a forgotten corner of downtown Montreal, Gokudo is a secret Japanese cocktail bar that transports visitors to the heart of Japan. Tucked behind a tiny fish shack called Ryoshi, Gokudo offers an impressive selection of sake-based cocktails and Japanese bar snacks. With forest green leather banquettes, low tables, and small candles, Gokudo creates an aura of elegance. The walls are adorned with an Asian library, adding a sense of mystery to the atmosphere. Gokudo offers seven cocktails created by the “Wizards of the West,” including the Hôjô Masako with Hendrick’s gin, sake, nori syrup, kalamansi puree, lime, and Himalayan pink salt. The ryōshi area of Gokudo is where the menu is prepared, including small plates of edamame, Chinese broccoli, tofu, mini octopus, and rice bowls of salmon, eel, or bluefin tuna. Gokudo offers a camembert cheesecake with a miso dulce de leche for dessert. Overall, Gokudo is a secret worth discovering and an excellent addition to Montreal’s bars and neighborhoods, offering visitors a taste of Japanese culture.

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The Cold Room

Location: R. Saint-Vincent, Montréal, QC H2Y 1G8

The Coldroom is a stylish and semi-secret speakeasy in Montreal, Canada. To enter, guests must ring a bell next to a large black door and will be greeted by one of the bartenders. This underground bar has become popular with Montreal’s clubbing elite and has also attracted an impressive list of international superstars. The Coldroom’s classic drinks have a next-level twist, such as the Japanese Highball and the spicy Kingfisher. The Coldroom has a cozy and clandestine energy, with secluded spots for two and a bar area for larger groups. The servers at The Coldroom are knowledgeable and impressive, adding to the charm of this velvety underground bar. The Coldroom is in a basement that housed a 19th-century cold room serving merchants on Jacques Cartier Place above. If you are looking for the Coldroom, be sure to follow the duck, and if you’re wondering what that means, you’ll find out when you get to one of Montreal’s best speakeasies.

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