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You won’t stop at one slice!

Are you looking for that perfect pizza? We have three mouth-watering restaurants in Montreal that are yours to discover. Pizza is a universally loved food that has been enjoyed for generations. Pizza’s versatility and endless flavor combinations have made it a staple in many households, and the Montreal pizza scene is no exception.

In this article, we will explore three of the best pizza places in Montreal, each offering a unique and unforgettable pizza experience. These restaurants will satisfy every pizza craving, from Pizzeria No. 900’s authentic Neapolitan-style pizza to Segreta’s Roman-style al taglio and Elena’s innovative flavor combinations. So, whether you are a meat lover, vegetarian, or simply looking for a delicious slice of pizza, these Montreal-based pizzerias have you covered.

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Pizzeria NO.900

Indulge in the authentic taste of Neapolitan pizza with the No.900 pizza, cooked to perfection in just 90 seconds. Whether you dine in the cozy restaurant atmosphere, enjoy it in the comfort of your home, or savor it in the park, you will not be able to resist the unique flavors of the No.900 pizza. At No.900, you can also complement your pizza with a selection of private import wines carefully chosen from Italian artisan winemakers who prioritize sustainable grape growing and environmental conservation.

Pizzeria 900 restaurants can be found across the city in ten separate locations. This Montreal-based pizzeria chain received the prestigious AVPN certification in 2022, becoming the only pizzeria in the province to be recognized for its adherence to the traditional Neapolitan pizza-making techniques and rules. Beyond its exceptional service and menu, No.900 also offers a convenient take-out and delivery service for customers prioritizing quality and efficiency.

What to try?

If you are a Vegetarian, try their Grilled Vegetable Pizza which includes tomato sauce, fior di latte, kale, leccino olives, cherry tomatoes, Tropea onions, and sweet peppers. Meat lovers will love their “Charlevoix,” which offers viandes bio de Charlevoix, tomato sauce, pancetta, ventricina, onions, fior di latte, ‘nduja, pecorino Romano cheese, and black pepper.

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Richi Ourichian, the owner and pizzaiolo of Segreta, has hit a home run with his Roman-style al taglio pizzeria in Parc-Ex. The restaurant offers half-meter slabs of square slices on a crisp yet tender base, with toppings like spicy Italian sausage, potato chunks, smoked caciocavallo cheese, or pepperoni with burrata. The word “segreta” means “secret” in Italian, and it is fitting for the pizza dough here. The Al Taglio pizza is a Roman pizza baked in traditional rectangular wrought iron molds, whose dough is cold fermented for 72 to 96 hours, resulting in a divine taste. Richi started making pizza at home during the lockdown but soon realized he had more orders in his fridge than he had room for.

With its delicious pizzas and unique offerings, Segreta is a terrific addition to the Parc-Extension neighborhood. The restaurant’s originality lies in the pizza and the colorful counter designed by Zoe Chen. Segreta also offers a small delicatessen featuring Italian products that complement its gastronomy and a selection of Italian-style gluten-free pastas.

What to try?

Flip everything and try their Sotosopra pizza which they describe on the menu as such “The Margherita revisited: chopped basil (goes under the cheese), a hint of garlic, fresh local mozzarella, Parmigiano-Reggiano D.O.P, extra virgin olive oil.” If you want some meat on your pizza, trade the pepperoni for their “Mortadella,” which hits all the right notes with Tomato sauce, Parmigiano-Reggiano D.O.P, Mortadella Citterio, Fior di latte, crushed pistachio, black truffle honey, black pepper, extra virgin oil.

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Elena’s is located in Saint-Henri and offers a stunning restaurant, quickly becoming a beloved spot in Montreal. The menu is centered around their mouth-watering pizzas, but do not stop there because their coffee and natural wine offerings perfectly complement every pizza slice. Owned by Ryan Gray and Emma Carderelli, the same team behind the renowned Nora Gray brought their best to Elena’s, creating a high-caliber restaurant with an exceptional culinary experience.

Elena’s has gained a reputation for its innovative flavor combinations, making it a go-to spot for foodies and pizza lovers. Elena’s dining room is the perfect spot whether you are in the mood for a casual bite or an upscale evening out. The atmosphere is relaxed and inviting, with an airy and bright space perfect for a cozy date or a fun night out with friends.

What to try?

Want to spice it up and feel some classic Italian heat? Take on their Diavolo 2.0, which has tomato sauce, spicy salami, mozzarella di buffala, and Pepperoncini taking the heat profile even higher. If a spicy pizza does not interest you, try their delicious M. Funguy, served with mushrooms, taleggio cheese, and hints of parsley.

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