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Montreal’s Bar Scene stands out nationwide.

When it comes to captivating bar scenes, few cities in Canada can rival the magnetic charm of Montreal. From the dazzling neon signs illuminating its streets to the alluring aroma of mixology, Montreal’s bars have established themselves as true gems in the country’s vibrant nightlife. The recent release of Canada’s 50 Best Bars by Canada’s 100 Best is a testament to the city’s thriving cocktail culture, with eight establishments earning well-deserved spots on the prestigious list.

Canada’s 50 Best Bars celebrate drinking establishments of all types, ranging from swanky speakeasies to cheerful public houses. The rankings were determined by a diverse panel of over 60 expert judges hailing from all corners of the country. Bartenders, proprietors, distillers, brew masters, educators, journalists, industry representatives, and discerning drinkers collaborated to cast their votes, ensuring a comprehensive evaluation of the nation’s bar scene.

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Making the Top 3 Bars in Canada

While Toronto secured the top spot with Civil Liberties, Montreal showcased its prominence, with two of its bars landing in the top three. The Cloakroom, an exceptional bar known for its made-to-measure concept and striking century-old architecture, proudly claimed the second spot. Not only does The Cloakroom offer a unique atmosphere, but it also crafts delicious cocktails made with integrity, cementing its reputation as a must-visit establishment.

The Atwater Cocktail Club, a true gem in Montreal’s bar scene, secured the third spot on the list. With its impeccable mixology skills and an inviting ambiance, this establishment has become a destination for cocktail enthusiasts seeking innovative and carefully crafted drinks. The Atwater Cocktail Club is a shining example of Montreal’s dedication to the art of mixology.

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Making the Top 10 Bars in Canada

Milky Way Cocktail Bar, a vibrant bar known for its superb vibe and exceptional cocktail menu, earned a well-deserved ninth place on the list. Its lively atmosphere and commitment to creating unique drink experiences have garnered praise from both locals and visitors alike. Milky Way’s inclusion highlights the diversity and quality of Montreal’s bar offerings.

Making the Top 20 Bars in Canada

The Coldroom, an underground speakeasy-style bar, claimed the fifteenth spot on the list. With its hidden entrance and meticulous attention to detail, this establishment offers an intimate and unforgettable drinking experience. El Pequeño, a cozy bar specializing in mezcal and tequila, rounded out the top twenty, impressing judges with its authentic Mexican-inspired cocktails finishing in 19th place.

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Best of the Rest

Montreal’s bar scene thrives beyond the top twenty, featuring hidden gems like Sans Soleil, ranking in 34th is a buzzing speakeasy in a windowless basement. With a killer sound system and Japanese-inspired cocktails, it offers a unique experience. Le Majestique, with its homey vibe and seafood-focused kitchen, is known for quality beer, classic cocktails, and an ever-changing wine list that came in 34th place. And in 48th place, Isle de Garde, a multi-purpose taproom serving 23 beers at precise temperatures, and its adjoining café, ice cream counter, and vinyl record shop make it a favorite among the city’s young crowd. These establishments exemplify Montreal’s reputation for exceptional drinking experiences.

Montreal knows how to quench your thirst.

With its vibrant atmosphere, diverse offerings, and commitment to craft cocktails, Montreal has solidified its position as Canada’s leading destination for bar enthusiasts. Whether you’re seeking a classic cocktail in an elegant setting or a unique concoction in an intimate speakeasy, Montreal’s bars have something to offer for every discerning drinker. The city’s presence in Canada’s 50 Best Bars serves as a testament to the dedication and innovation of its bartenders, mixologists, and bar owners, who continue to raise the bar and shape the future of the country’s cocktail culture.

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