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Exploring Cabaret L’enfer, Elena, and Mano Cornuto

In honor of Italfest, we are serving some of Montreal’s Finest Italian Restaurants, where the flavors of Italy come alive in a symphony of taste, tradition, and innovation. From the lively cabaret-inspired atmosphere of Cabaret L’enfer to the modern elegance of Elena and the rustic charm of Mano Cornuto, the city’s Italian dining scene is a rich tapestry of experiences waiting to be explored. Whether you’re a local food enthusiast or a traveler seeking authentic Italian delights, these three restaurants offer a gastronomic journey that transcends borders. Join us as we delve into the unique stories, menus, and ambiance of Cabaret L’enfer, Elena, and Mano Cornuto, and discover a taste of Italy in the heart of Montreal. is your ultimate guide to curating an unforgettable dining experience. After your fabulous meal, indulge in the city’s vibrant nightlife; if you seek sophisticated cocktails, lively bars, or pulsating nightclubs, they will ensure you discover the perfect spot to continue your evening’s adventure. Are you traveling from out of town?, has you covered, handling your hotel accommodations and travel arrangements a the best rates available. will take care of all your needs, and all you have to do is call or text them now at 438-995-6496.

Cabaret L’enfer: A Taste of Italy in the Heart of Montreal

Cabaret L’enfer, a name that translates to “Hell’s Cabaret,” is a unique Italian restaurant serving Montreal since 2018. The name is a nod to the restaurant’s vibrant and lively atmosphere, reminiscent of a lively cabaret. Located in the bustling district of Plateau-Mont-Royal, Cabaret L’enfer is a stone’s throw away from the city’s vibrant nightlife and cultural attractions. Its location makes it a perfect spot for locals and tourists looking for an authentic Italian dining experience. The menu at Cabaret L’enfer is a delightful blend of traditional and contemporary Italian cuisine. From classic pasta dishes like Spaghetti Carbonara to innovative creations like their Truffle Risotto, your belly will never be empty. Cabaret L’enfer also boasts an extensive wine list featuring selections from Italy’s finest vineyards.

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Elena: A Modern Twist on Classic Italian

Elena opened its doors in 2017, founded by Ryan Gray, Emma Cardarelli, and Marley Sniatowsky. The trio, who had previously worked together at Nora Gray, wanted to create a welcoming and high-quality space, and Elena was born. Elena is nestled in the Saint-Henri neighborhood, known for its burgeoning food scene. The restaurant’s modern and chic interior starkly contrasts the historic buildings surrounding it, making it a standout in the area. Elena’s menu is a celebration of Italian cuisine, with a focus on fresh, locally-sourced ingredients. The star of the show is their wood-fired pizza, with a perfectly charred crust and a variety of gourmet toppings. The menu also features a range of pasta dishes, salads, and an impressive selection of natural wines.

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Mano Cornuto: A Homage to Italian Comfort Food

Mano Cornuto, a casual Italian eatery, was established in 2019 by the dynamic duo of chefs Brian Solomon and Vincent Ferrari and long-time service industry veteran Vito Ciocca. The name, which translates to “horned hand,” is a traditional Italian gesture for good luck and protection against the evil eye. Mano Cornuto is situated in the heart of Griffintown, a neighborhood known for its industrial charm and vibrant arts scene. The restaurant’s rustic decor, with exposed brick walls and wooden tables, perfectly complements the neighborhood’s aesthetic. Mano Cornuto’s menu is a tribute to Italian comfort food. The restaurant is particularly famous for its handmade pasta and paninis, made fresh daily. The menu also includes a variety of antipasti, salads, and desserts, all made with locally-sourced ingredients. Their coffee, imported directly from Italy, is a must-try for any caffeine lover.

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Each of these restaurants brings a unique flavor of Italy to Montreal, offering a culinary journey through the diverse regions of Italy. Whether you’re a fan of traditional Italian fare or looking for a modern twist on classic dishes, Cabaret L’enfer, Elena, and Mano Cornuto have something to offer every palate.