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The Old Port of Montreal is ready and waiting for Igloofest starting January 19th 

Montreal’s festival season never ends even in January when snow and frosty temperatures are the ideal settings for everyone’s favorite winter outdoor event Igloofest. Covid-19 and the Pandemic lockdowns have forced Igloofest to go on a two-year hiatus but finally, the festival is back and is bringing the heat with an all-star lineup of performers. 

15 Years and Counting 

This will be the 15th edition of Igloofest and has attracted hundreds of thousands of electronic music lovers to venture out into the cold to watch and listen to their favorite DJs. Throughout the year’s big-name artists have graced the stages of Igloofest such as Mistress Barbara in 2008, James Holden in 2009, Diplo in 2012 and 2019, Carl Cox in 2017, and Rufus du Sol in 2020. In 2023 Igloofest is celebrating its 15th anniversary with living legend DJ Tiesto headlining among other stars and up and coming local artists helping blast out unique beats. To get tickets please visit: 

What to Expect

 At the Jacques-Cartier Pier in the Old Port, there will be two Stages available the “Sapporo Stage” and “Videotron Stage.” Both stages will host at least three artists every Thursday, Friday, and Saturday for four weekends, giving you ample time to participate in at least one fun night. On Thursdays, shows take place between 7:30 pm and 11:00 pm and on Fridays and Saturdays from 7:30pm to 12:30am. All payments on site can be completed by Credit or debit cards which means no cash will be accepted. 

What are their Rules 

Igloofest is open to anyone 18 years old and older. You are not permitted to bring in your own alcohol, illegal drugs, or any weapons of any kind (even fake/prop weapons). No professional cameras are allowed or musical instruments. Leaves your pets at home unless they are registered service dogs. Marijuana is legal in Quebec, but you are prohibited from smoking it in public spaces therefore, you cannot smoke any cannabis on-site at Igloofest. Igloofest promotes Diversity, Inclusiveness, respect, and tolerance, and any bigotry will not be tolerated. Any cases of homophobia, transphobia, sexism, racism, and xenophobia may result in your expulsion. In other words, if you are ignorant, stay home. 

What to Wear

Igloofest is an outdoor festival in Montreal’s heart of the coldest winter months, so dressing up appropriately is crucial to having a safe and enjoyable evening. Igloofest encourages dressing up for the occasion by getting out the flashiest and funkiest winter gear you own. If you choose to wear a costume, remember that you can use oversized props, such as skis or snowboards, to bring along with you. Wear some snowsuits and be sure to use layers as the best way to beat the sub-zero temperatures. Wearing the proper boots, gloves, and heat is crucial to protect your extremities from frostbite. If you are consuming alcohol, be forewarned that the warmth you feel after a couple of drinks is only temporary, and stripping down can be risky. Dancing all night long is the best way to stay warm, and with great music blasting from the speakers, it will be easy to slay the winter winds. 

Who will be performing at Igloofest 2023


Date and Time: Thursday January 19th 9:30Pm

Stage: Sapporo

Flume is an Australian DJ who won a Grammy for the 2017 Best Dance/Electronic Album. Flume hit the scene in 2010, releasing numerous albums, with his latest release in 2022 title “Palaces.”


Date and Time: Friday, January 20th 11:00 pm

Stage: Sapporo

Camelphat is a British duo that loves to spin House music and the many variations of the genre that come with it. Dave Whelan and Mike di Scala began collaborating, working the nightclub scene in Liverpool in 2004; the rest is history. 

Porter Robinson

Date and Time: Saturday January 21st 11:00pm

Critically acclaimed DJ Porter Robinson will be bringing his exteneded repertoire of hit songs to the stage at Igloofest to close out the opening weekend. Robinson has won and been nominated for many of his songs throughout the years, making him a standout in the industry. 


Date and Time: Thursday January 26th 10:00pm 

Stage: Sapporo

French DJ Kavinsky will headline Thursday night with his electropop and house musical stylings. Kavinsky is heavily inspired by movie soundtracks especially from the 80s and takes those rhythms to create electronic dance classics. 

Nora en Pure

Date and Time: Friday January 27th 11:00pm

Stage: Sapporo 

DJ and Music Producer Nora en Pure brings “Deep House” to the stage on Friday Night. Nora uses her Swiss and South African cultural backgrounds to help her create her unique sounds that have captured the hearts of her fans. 


Date and Time: Saturday January 28th 11:00pm

Stage: Sapporo

Worakls is a French techno DJ who began to gather attention in the industry in 2015. Worakls has been playing instruments since the age of three and has a deep love of music and composition. 


Date and Time: Thursday February 2nd 10:00pm 

Stage: Sapporo

 Belgian Rapper Hamza, also known as Saucegod, will be bringibringue skills to Igloofest closing out Thursday night. Hamza is popular in European circles, and coming to Montreal may help him get more international recognition. 

Bob Moses 

Date and Time: Friday February 3rd 10:30Pm

Stage: Sapporo

Hailing from British Colombia, Bob Moses is an electronic music duo that has won a Grammy  for Best Remixed Recording. This experienced tandem will have you moving the moment they push play. 

Black Tiger Sex Machine

Date and Time: Saturday February 4th 11:30pm 

Stage: Sapporo

Black Tiger Sex Machine has traveled the world blasting heavy electro and bass while putting on a performance that DJs seldom do. Get your black tiger helmets on and get ready to feel the bass rock you to the bone. 


Date and Time: Friday February 10th 10:30

Stage: Sapporo

The legend himself, Tiesto and his massive catalog of hit songs are the perfect way to celebrate 15 years of Igloofest. From the Netherlands, Tiesto has been a leader in the electronic dance scene since the 90s. If you have ever been to any nightclub, bar, or restaurant, you have probably heard at least one of his hits.