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Pink Floyd’s Their Mortal Remains Is a Beautiful Ode to One of The Worlds Most Influential Bands

Pink Floyd’s Art exhibition was supposed to end on Dec 31st, 2022, but due to the overwhelming popularity of the exhibit, it will remain open until February. The Pink Floyd Exhibition: Their Mortal Remains takes fans and art lovers into another interactive and immersive dimension. The exhibit tour is an audio-visual experience, much like listening to or watching any of Pink Floyd’s songs or music videos. It is mesmerizing and offers more to dissect than what is presented on the surface. The exhibit is found at the Arsenal Contemporary Art Museum, which is the core of Griffintown. If you have not had a chance to visit this critically acclaimed Exhibit, you have until February 5th to get your fix in! 


Ticket Prices vary depending on your age and which days you plan to visit the venue. Children under 12 pay 25$ daily, while anyone older than 12 pays 35$ from Tuesday to Thursday, 45$ on Friday, and 55$ on Saturday and Sunday. To purchase tickets, please click here:

What to Expect Inside

Once you step inside Pink Floyd’s universe, you know you are about to go on a serious voyage that will stimulate all your senses. The Exhibit is set up in chronological order following the band’s career and highlights moments starting in 1967 and ending in the early 2000s. Over 350 objects/artifacts will be presented, and, in some cases, you will be able to interact with some of the pierces. You will be able to observe anything from artworks, song lyrics written in the original form, and musical instruments, and you will not be able to miss the many unique. Attention-grabbing stage props Pink Floyd is renowned for. 

There are also unique exhibit pieces that have never been seen by the public and were provided by the band members and sourced from their own personal collections. Curator Aubrey Powel has collaborated with band members and has drummer Nick Mason on board as a consultant, which helps bolster the quality of the entire exhibition. You will get to relive and enjoy some of Pink Floyd’s best-selling and most iconic albums like Wish You Were Here, The Wall, The Division Bell, Animals, and of course, Dark Side of the Moon. Headphones are provided onsite to help you get completely immersed in the exhibit. 

When can you go?

Monday: Closed

Tuesday – Thursday: 10:00 am to 6:00 pm (the last visit begins)

Friday – Saturday: 10:00 to 19:00 (the last visit begins)

Sunday: 10:00 am to 5:00 pm (the last visit begins)

The exhibition has predetermined time slots for entry that begin every fifteen minutes once doors open. Choosing your time slot is required when purchasing your tickets. It is recommended to give yourself at least ninety minutes to get through the entire exhibit. If you want to have the whole immersive experience and genuinely enjoy and observe Their Mortal Remains to the fullest, you will need at least two hours to enjoy Pink Floyd’s entire career. 

How to Get There?

Getting to the Arsenal Contemporary Art Museum by car will force you to navigate Griffintown, which can be pretty hectic due to traffic and many surrounding construction zones. Finding parking is also a perplexing task, and you might have to use a parking lot rather than find a spot-on Notre Dame Street. 

If you choose to use public transportation using our public busses, you will use the Buse route 35,36 or 57 to reach your destination. 

Using our subway system(metro), you can use the orange line and get off at the Georges-Vanier station, which will require a ten-minute walk to the museum. Your second option is to take the green line and get off at the Lionel Groulx station, which will require taking a fifteen-minute walk to the Exhibit. Ultimately the choice is yours hot to get there, but public transport may be your best bet unless you are willing to pay for a taxi or uber and get dropped off right at their doors. 

Arsenal Contemporary Art Montreal

(Easy access via Notre Dame Street West)

2020 rue William, Montreal, QC, H3J 1R8

History of the Exhibit

The exhibit began in London, England, in 2017 at the Victoria and Albert Museum and sold over 350000 tickets in the five months they were open. The popularity and demand for the exhibit brought Their Mortal Remains to Rome, Italy, and Dortmund, Germany, in 2018. Pink Floyds exhibit became the most visited exhibition of the Dortmunder Museum in all its history. In 2019 they traveled to Spain, and after taking a sabbatical for a year due to Covid-19 and pandemic restrictions, the Exhibition returned to the United States in Los Angeles, California. 

History of the Band 

Pink Floyd is one of those bands whose music has and will transcend time and, who knows, maybe even space. Often referred to as a psychedelic progressive band, Pink Floyd is much more than a singular genre of music for fans. One thing is sure Pink Floyd has always been bold in experimenting with their musical stylings, creating some of the most recognizable songs in history. Be it “Comfortably Numb” or “Wish You Here” and a multitude of other songs, music fans from across the spectrum cannot help but listen and nod their heads to the rhythms. 

The album Dark Side of the Moon is one of music’s all-time leaders in record sales, with over forty-five million copies sold. The album was so popular that it spent over eighteen years on the Billboard 200 list! Pink Floyd has sold over two hundred and fifty million albums worldwide, selling fifteen studio albums, four live albums, and twelve compilation albums. An impressive feat, to say the least. 

In 1985 Roger Waters left Pink Floyd to pursue a solo career while the rest of the band remained together. Roger Waters and Gilmour fought terribly over the musical rights of Floyd’s songs and, to this day, do not see eye to eye. Pink Floyd without Waters continued to create albums like “Momentary Lapse of Reason” and “Division Bell,” which garnered positive reviews. Pink Floyd is one of the most influential rock bands in history; anyone who has seen them perform live is fortunate.