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The Music Never Stops in Montreal with A Slew of Canadian Artists Performing

Things might slow down in January in Montreal, but amazing concerts still occur in our fine city. Recovering from the holiday season is not always easy, especially if you ate like crazy and threw back a few too many drinks, but music is that magical hangover cure that you need. 

Whether you like hard metal or legendary Quebecois music, you will have more than a handful of options all month long. If none of these concerts interest you, please check out these other concerts happening at Place Des Arts by clicking right here. 

No matter what show you choose to watch, we recommend you make a night of it and enjoy everything Montreal’s nightlife offers, like the many fine dining establishments and watering holes. Have a date with your significant other or have a boy’s night out; one thing is sure you can never say there is not anything to do in Montreal. Here are some fantastic concerts to enjoy in January 2023 in Montreal. 


Les Cowboy Fringants

Date and Time: Friday, January 6th 8:00 pm

Venue: Bell Centre

Genre: Quebecois-Rock


This is a bittersweet concert as Les Cowboy Fringants are bidding adieu to all their fans on what can be their final tour if their luck does not change. The lead singer Karl Tremblay who has been battling prostate cancer since 2020, warned fans that his appearance on stage might not be what they are used to due to chemotherapy and subsequent hair loss. Regardless of the pressing battle against cancer, the show will continue, and Les Cowboy Fringants will continue proving why they are such a respected band in Quebec. 

Sword with Deraps

Date and Time: Saturday January 14th 8:00pm

Venue: Corona Theatre 

Genre: Metal


Since the eighties, Quebec’s metal band Sword has been causing headbanging and accelerated heart rates for all their loyal fans. Sword has sold over 180,000 albums, and in 2022 they released their third studio album titled “III.” Sword has toured with legendary bands such as Metallica, Alice Cooper, and Motorhead as opening acts which is an impressive feat for any band. Metalheads are in for a treat!

Ruby Waters with Aysanabee

Date and Time:  Friday January 20th 8:00pm 

Venue: Bar le Ritz PDB

Genre: Alternative-Pop


Ruby Waters is a Canadian singer who grew up in Ontario and released her first album in 2019 after getting viral on Reddit with her first song, “Sweet Sublime.” She released a second album in 2020, titled “If it Comes Down to It,” which received positive reviews and a nomination for a Juno Award in 2022. Ruby’s career is only starting to get off the ground, and it will be an absolute treat to watch her in an intimate venue. 


Date and Time: Tuesday January 24th 8:00pm

Venue: Fairmount Theatre

Genre: Indie, Pop, Soul


Mormor is celebrating the release of his latest album, “Semblance,” with a small tour visiting cities in Canada and the United States. Mormor delicate voice can soothe the most broken of hearts and watching him live will be a healing experience. Mormor is a talented musician who plays multiple instruments and releases his first album in 2015. 

Suki Waterhouse with Blondshell 

Date and Time: Wednesday January 25th 8:00pm

Venue: Le Studio TD 

Genre: Pop


Suki Waterhouse is a British singer, model, actress, and entrepreneur who released her first studio album, “I Can’t Let Go,” in May 2022. Waterhouse released her first single in 2016 and released a new one every year after that while working in film and television. Waterhouse has been cast in over twenty movies and four television shows. Multi-talented artists like Suki Waterhouse are constantly working on new projects, and lucky for us, we can watch her live in January. 

Jeff Martin

Date and Time: Thursday January 26th 8:00pm

Venue: Corona Theatre

Genre: Acoustic, rock, indie


Jeff Martin rose to fame as the lead singer of the Canadian band The Tea Party in the 90s. Jeff Martin also focused on a solo career when The Tea Party took breaks allowing to explore further into his musical journey. Martin only needs his acoustic guitar and his silky deep voice to sway the crowds, and at the Corona Theatre, you are in for a treat. 

 Jonathan Roy 

Date and Time: Friday January 27th 8:00pm

Venue: Mtelus

Genre: Pop


Jonathan Roy is the song of Hall of Fame NHL goaltender Patrick Roy who also played hockey until leaving the game to pursue his true passion, music. Roy has made a name for himself by releasing five albums from 2009 to 2021. During his next show, you can be sure you will hear songs from his upcoming album, Life Distortions. 


Date and Time: Saturday January 28th, Sunday January 29th 8:00pm

Venue: Place Bell

Genre: French Hip Hop, Rap 


Damso takes his life experiences to the fore, including dealing with racism, among other challenges he has faced. Born in Zaire (Congo today), Africa, Damso left the war-torn country for Belgium, where he would grow up and begin to develop his musical talents. Damso has created a solid following, and with that comes the need for not one but two shows at Place Bell in Laval. 

The Reklaws with Jade Eagleson

Date and Time: Sunday January 29th 8:00pm

Venue: Le Studio TD 

Genre: Country 


With their great music and charismatic energy, this country music duo will have you hooting and hollering in no time in your seats. Hailing from Ontario Stuart Walker and Jenna Walker are siblings, and they grew up on their parent’s farm making them an authentic representation of everything country. Hailing from Ontario the pair has become an extremely popular in the country music scene: Tuesday January 31st 8:00pm


Venue: Corona Theatre

Genre: Indie, Electronica, Experimental


Getting lost in Eden’s music is an easy thing to do because of the unique blend of electric music with indie music. Eden has been performing since 2012, and in 2022 he began releasing singles from his latest album, “ICYMI” (In Case You Missed It).