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Roll Some Dice, Have A Bite, Take A Sip and Watch a Great Concert All in One Spot

February is about romance and falling in love with the Casino de Montreal and its lovely Cabaret, where talented artists will entertain you through the evening. Every month the Casino de Montreal adds a stellar lineup to perform in their Cabaret, and in February, you could even catch a reality TV star with quite a beautiful singing voice. 

The Casino de Montreal can be your one-stop destination to cover all your basic needs, including food, beverages, and entertainment. You can take your date to their Seafood and Grill Restaurant Le Montreal, or if you prefer a Gourmet buffet, you can enjoy their Pavillion 67. This can be the beginning of a great evening because once you are done keeping your hunger at bay, you can head over to Le Cabaret and watch an outstanding concert followed by some sweet cocktails afterward at one of the Casino’s three bars; The Dame De Coeur, Bar Le Roi and Bar le Valet where you can also listen to a DJ and hit the dance floor as well. 

We did not even mention gambling which, of course, can be done twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week. The Casino De Montreal is a prime destination to be thoroughly entertained. If you book with, they can arrange your hotel accommodations and travel needs if you are traveling from outside of Montreal. Here are some of the special concerts taking place in February at the Casino de Montreal. 

Brel & Barbara Heros Fragiles

Date and Time: Wednesday, February 1st, 2:00 pm

Genre: French Song, Theatre


The soap opera television show L’Auberge du Chien Noir has captivated Quebecois audiences since 2003 and has inspired this heartwarming concert. Actors Julie Daoust and Renaud Paradis, who starred in the soap opera, bring their onscreen relationship into Le Cabaret for everyone to enjoy in person. You will rediscover the love affair of the fictional characters Brel & Barbara through song and theatrical performances. Philippe Noireault will bring his talented piano skills to provide the perfect backdrop for the show. Love and humor via music is the ideal way to start February. 

Mélissa Bédard – Ma Mère Chantait ToujoursDate and Time: Friday February 3rd, Saturday February 4th, 8:00 pm 

Genre: French, Quebecois song


The multi-talented Melissa Bedard will be showing off her musical skills at the Casino for two nights in the Cabaret, and yes, she got it from her mama! Bedard first hit the Quebecois music scene when she first appeared on the reality show Star Académie where she immediately turned heads for all the right reasons. Bedard’s voice will bring alive many francophone/Quebecois hit songs that have graced this province throughout its history. Bedard will be releasing her first music album on January 27th, titled “Aime-Toi Comme Ca.” 

Martine St. Clair

Date and Time: Friday, February 10th, 8:00 pm

Genre: Quebecois


Quebecois legendary singer Martine St. Clair will bring her entire repertoire of hit Quebecois songs to Le Cabaret and the promise of an incredible evening. St. Clair played the lead role as Cristal for over 500 performances in the hit show Star Mania in the 80s, launching her career into the stratosphere. Selling over a million albums throughout her career, St. Claire is a veritable Quebecois music star. 


Date and Time: Saturday, February 11th, 8:00 pm

Genre: Comedy 


Ninety minutes of hilarious fun await you at Le Cabaret when Dominic Sillion and Martin Cloutier combine their powers to make you laugh. Titled “Six,” after the number of shows the dup has performed so far, it is a fitting example of the silliness you will witness. It is always a treat to be privy t one great stand-up comedian but to have two great comics sharing the stage is taking things to new heights. Their tour across Quebec began in late January and will culminate on December 1st, 2023, with twenty destinations on their itinerary, which only proves how popular they are in the Belle Province. 

La Compagnie Créole – La Machine À Danser

Date and Time:  Wednesday, February 15th to Saturday, February 18th, 2:00 pm and 8:00 pm shows

Genre: Creole, Caribbean, Dance


Turn up the heat and forget the frigid outdoors when you can party with La Compagnie Creole. This Caribbean super band did not call this show “the Dance Machine” for nothing as they play all their greatest hits. It is an absolute delight to watch, and no one watching will be sitting quietly in their seats once the Caribbean beats hit your soul. La Compagnie Creole has been getting people’s hips to sway since 1976, has not stopped touring, and has released twenty-three albums throughout its musical career. 

Elyzabeth Diaga – Queens of Rock

Date and Time: Thursday February 23rd to Saturday February 25th 8:00 pm 

Genre: Rock and Roll


Royalty is visiting the Casino de Montreal in the form of the extremely talented Elyzabeth Diaga taking over the stage, singing the absolute best rock and roll. The Queen of Rock has performed more than 150 shows in Las Vegas, making her hometown of Montreal proud. Diaga combines her powerful voice and eye-catching set designs to pay tribute to some of music’s biggest stars. Her two concerts in Montreal will focus on the female rock legends who have carved a name for themselves as legends, such as Tina Turner, The Cranberries, Pat Benatar, Heart, Joan Jett and even Lady Gaga.