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Feel the Speed and Get Ready to Dance All Night Long 

The Grand Prix weekend in Montreal is synonymous with excitement, not just on the racetrack but throughout the city. One of the premier destinations to experience this electrifying energy is New City Gas, located at 950 Rue Ottawa. Renowned for its vibrant atmosphere, cutting-edge sound system, and world-class performances, New City Gas is set to host a series of spectacular events during the Grand Prix weekend. Here’s a look at what to expect at this iconic venue. is your ultimate guide to an unforgettable Formula 1 Grand Prix weekend in Montreal. From securing a table at top-notch restaurants to arranging VIP access at the city’s most exclusive clubs and bars, including the vibrant events at New City Gas, they’ve got you covered. Visiting from out of town? No problem – also offers exclusive hotel deals and travel packages to ensure a seamless experience. For a spectacular night out during the Grand Prix festivities, visit or contact them at 438-995-6496. Get ready to dive into the wildest weekend in Montreal!

New City Gas: The Heartbeat of Montreal’s Nightlife

New City Gas is a cornerstone of Montreal’s nightlife scene, known for hosting some of the biggest names in the music industry. The venue is a marvel, combining industrial chic with modern amenities to create an immersive entertainment environment. The state-of-the-art sound system and vibrant atmosphere make it the perfect place to enjoy live performances and DJ sets. New City Gas is not just a nightclub; it’s an experience that promises unforgettable nights.

The Montreal Grand Prix: A Snapshot

The Montreal Grand Prix held at the Circuit Gilles Villeneuve, has been a highlight of the Formula 1 season since 1978. The event is named after Canadian racing legend Gilles Villeneuve and is known for its challenging circuit and thrilling races. The Grand Prix attracts motorsport enthusiasts worldwide, turning Montreal into a bustling hub of activity. This influx of visitors also boosts the city’s nightlife, with venues like New City Gas offering top-tier entertainment.

Grand Prix Weekend at New City Gas

Thursday, June 6: Guy Laliberté

Kicking off the Grand Prix celebrations at New City Gas is the legendary Guy Laliberté.

Guy Laliberté: Known as the founder of Cirque du Soleil, Guy Laliberté is also an accomplished DJ. His sets are an eclectic mix of house and techno, infused with his unique artistic flair. Laliberté’s performances are known for their creativity and energy, making him a standout in the DJ world. The night will also feature live performances by Paskal Daze, adding excitement to the event.

Paskal Daze: Known for his energetic and innovative sets, Paskal Daze complements Laliberté’s eclectic style with his dynamic beats. Together, they promise to create an unforgettable opening night.

Friday, June 7: Sam Blacky

Friday night at New City Gas features the infectious energy of Sam Blacky.

Sam Blacky: A renowned DJ and producer, Sam Blacky is known for her captivating house music sets. Her performances blend deep house, tech house, and melodic house, creating a vibrant and immersive atmosphere. Sam Blacky’s energy and charisma on stage make her a favorite among electronic music fans.

Supporting Acts: The Night will feature sets by Zac Martel, Simon Fitch, and Marco Bonami, promising a diverse and dynamic musical experience. Each of these artists brings their unique style to the stage, ensuring a night filled with variety and excitement.

Saturday, June 8: SONA

The weekend continues with SONA headlining on Saturday night.

SONA: Celebrated for his powerful and energetic house and techno sets, SONA knows how to keep the dance floor moving. High-tempo beats and an electrifying atmosphere characterize his performances. SONA’s ability to connect with the crowd and maintain a high energy level makes his sets memorable.

The Neighbors and Dan Ficara: Joining SONA are The Neighbors and Dan Ficara, whose performances will add to the electrifying atmosphere. Their combined talents ensure a night of non-stop dancing and memorable music.


New City Gas offers an unparalleled nightlife experience during the Montreal Grand Prix weekend, combining a vibrant atmosphere, exceptional sound, and world-class DJs. Whether you’re a motorsport enthusiast or a nightlife fan, New City Gas is the place to be. Join the celebration and experience the thrill and excitement of the Grand Prix weekend in Montreal. Don’t miss out on this spectacular lineup of events that promise to keep the energy and excitement alive all weekend.