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Indulge in Pure Elegance in the heart of Downtown Montreal

Montreal’s Grand Prix weekend is when the city lights up excitedly, attracting visitors from around the globe. Yoko Luna, located at 1234 Rue de la Montagne, is among the top nightlife destinations to experience this vibrant energy. With its luxurious decor, state-of-the-art sound system, and beautiful terrace setup, Yoko Luna offers an unparalleled nightlife experience. Here’s a look at the exciting events during the Grand Prix weekend at Yoko Luna. is your ultimate guide to an unforgettable Formula 1 Grand Prix weekend in Montreal. From securing a table at top-notch restaurants to arranging VIP access at the city’s hottest clubs and bars, including the luxurious events at Yoko Luna, they’ve got you covered. Visiting from out of town? No problem – also offers exclusive hotel deals and travel packages to ensure a seamless experience. For a spectacular night out during the Grand Prix festivities, visit or contact them at 438-995-6496. Get ready to dive into the wildest weekend in Montreal!

Yoko Luna: Luxury and Style in the Heart of Montreal

Yoko Luna is a sophisticated nightlife venue that combines style with elegance. The interior boasts chic decor with attention to detail, creating a luxurious atmosphere. The venue’s state-of-the-art sound system ensures an immersive audio experience, while the stunning terrace provides a perfect setting to enjoy world-class music under the stars. Yoko Luna has quickly become one of Montreal’s premier destinations for those seeking an upscale and memorable night out.

The Montreal Grand Prix: A Brief Overview

The Montreal Grand Prix, hosted at the Circuit Gilles Villeneuve, is a highlight of the Formula 1 calendar. Since its first race in 1978, it has drawn motorsport fans worldwide to Montreal. The event is named after Canadian racing legend Gilles Villeneuve, and its challenging circuit is famous for its thrilling races and the notorious “Wall of Champions.” The Grand Prix significantly boosts tourism in Montreal, transforming the city into a vibrant hub of activities and celebrations.

Grand Prix Weekend at Yoko Luna: Event Highlights

Thursday, June 6: Purple Disco Machine

The Grand Prix weekend at Yoko Luna kicks off with a performance by the globally celebrated Purple Disco Machine.

Purple Disco Machine: Known for his nu-disco and funk-infused house music, Purple Disco Machine has earned a reputation for his innovative tracks and high-energy performances. His music blends classic disco sounds with modern house beats, creating an irresistible dance floor vibe. Expect a night of captivating beats and vibrant energy as Purple Disco Machine sets the tone for an unforgettable weekend.

Friday, June 7: Malōne

On Friday night, Yoko Luna welcomes the renowned DJ Malōne to the stage.

Malōne: Renowned for his deep house and melodic techno tracks, Malōne’s performances blend rhythm and emotion. His sets are known for their ability to captivate and energize the crowd, making for an unforgettable night. Malōne’s music takes listeners on a journey, with each track building on the last to create a dynamic and engaging experience.

Saturday, June 8: Sam Feldt

Saturday night at Yoko Luna features a headline performance by Sam Feldt.

Sam Feldt: A prominent name in the electronic music scene, Sam Feldt is celebrated for his melodic house music and uplifting performances. His tracks have topped charts globally, and his live shows are known for their vibrant, feel-good vibes. Sam Feldt’s ability to connect with the audience and create a joyous atmosphere makes his performances memorable.

Sunday, June 9: Closing Party with Sparrow & Barbossa

The Grand Prix weekend at Yoko Luna concludes with a spectacular closing party featuring Sparrow & Barbossa.

Sparrow & Barbossa: This dynamic duo is known for its Afro house and deep house sets, which create a captivating and energetic atmosphere. Their music blends rhythmic beats with melodic elements, resulting in an engaging and dance-worthy performance.

Andrew Pololos: Joining Sparrow & Barbossa is Andrew Pololos, whose musical talent will add to the night’s vibrant atmosphere. Together, they ensure a grand finale to the Grand Prix celebrations, leaving guests with unforgettable memories.


Yoko Luna offers an extraordinary nightlife experience during the Montreal Grand Prix weekend, combining luxurious decor, exceptional service, and world-class DJs. Whether you’re a motorsport enthusiast or a nightlife aficionado, Yoko Luna is the place to be. Join the celebration and indulge in the elegance and excitement of the Grand Prix weekend in Montreal. Don’t miss out on this spectacular lineup of events that promise to keep the energy and excitement alive all weekend.