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From the Parade to the best Irish pubs, everyone is Irish this Weekend

Montreal is a city renowned for its vibrant culture and diverse heritage, and St. Patrick’s Day is a prime example of this cultural fusion. As we approach the 199th St. Patrick’s Day Parade, locals and visitors are invited to dive into the Irish festivities blended with Montreal’s unique local flair. is your go-to for a fabulous night out in Montreal. They’ll sort you out with a table at a great restaurant, and if you’re up for drinks after your concert, they’ve got connections with the most excellent clubs and bars in town. Are you coming from out of town? No sweat; they’ll also hook you up with sweet hotel spots and travel deals. Just give them a ring or shoot a text at 438-995-6496 and get ready for a fantastic night in Montreal!

The St. Patrick’s Day Parade: A Montreal Tradition

The heart of St. Patrick’s Day in Montreal is undoubtedly the Parade, a grand spectacle celebrating Irish pride and community spirit. Scheduled for March 17th, 2024, from noon to 3 pm, this event marks the homage to Irish heritage and the welcoming of spring in Montreal. Originating in the 1600s, this tradition has become a city-wide event, inviting everyone to join the vibrant processions of music, dance, and colorful floats organized by the United Irish Societies of Montreal.

Starting at Fort Street on De Maisonneuve Boulevard and moving east to Jeanne-Mance, the Parade attracts spectators from all over, who are advised to secure their spots by 11 am to enjoy the festivities fully.

The Epicenter of Celebrations: Irish Pubs in Downtown Montreal

Before or After the Parade, the festivities take place all weekend long in the heart of Downtown Montreal, especially around Bishop Street, Crescent Street, and Peel Street. These areas boast a concentration of Irish pubs, offering a warm haven to enjoy traditional Irish music, savor a pint of beer, and engage in the cheerful spirit with friends and fellow revelers.

Hurley’s Irish Pub: A cornerstone of downtown Montreal, Hurley’s offers a genuine Irish ambiance with its wide selection of beers and whiskies alongside hearty Irish meals. Its cozy interior, complemented by live music ranging from classic Irish tunes to contemporary hits, makes Hurley’s a favored destination for locals and tourists.

McKibbin’s Irish Pub: Known for its authentic atmosphere, McKibbin’s is a critical player in the Montreal pub scene, with several locations throughout the city. Celebrated for its warm environment, broad beer selection, and appetizing pub food, McKibbin’s turns legendary on St. Patrick’s Day with live bands, Irish dancers, and special menu offerings.

The Old Dublin Pub & Restaurant: As one of Montreal’s oldest Irish pubs, The Old Dublin provides a nostalgic journey to Ireland with a vast selection of beers and spirits alongside traditional Irish dishes. Renowned for its friendly staff and inviting atmosphere, it is a perfect spot for those seeking a laid-back celebration.

Irish Embassy Pub & Grill: For a more upscale experience, the Irish Embassy Pub & Grill in downtown Montreal stands out with its elegant décor and sophisticated ambiance. Merging Irish and Canadian cuisines, this pub offers a refined setting for celebrating, complete with live music, exquisite food, and an extensive drink selection.

Griffintown Café: While not a traditional Irish pub, Griffintown Café is notable for its St. Patrick’s Day brunch. Known for its cozy vibe and delectable dishes, the café is an excellent option for starting the day’s festivities with a special Irish-themed menu.

Tips for an Unforgettable St. Patrick’s Day in Montreal

To fully enjoy St. Patrick’s Day in Montreal, remember these tips:

  • Wear Green: Embrace the tradition by dressing in green.
  • Plan Your Visit: Irish pubs get busy, so book ahead or arrive early.
  • Stay Safe: Enjoy responsibly and consider public transport or taxis.
  • Explore Montreal: Engage in various city-wide St. Patrick’s Day events, from cultural showcases to live concerts.

Montreal’s celebration of St. Patrick’s Day is an opportunity to explore the intersection of Irish heritage and local culture. It’s a day of community, history, and the welcoming of spring experienced best through the city’s lively parades and warm pub environments. This March 17th, immerse yourself in the festivities, from the grandeur of the Parade to the intimate charm of Montreal’s Irish pubs, for a genuinely memorable St. Patrick’s Day.