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I know what you are thinking “isn’t it too soon to plan New Year’s Eve, Halloween hasn’t even happened yet?” Although it is only October, we believe getting your New Year’s plans in order now will save you plenty of headaches down the line. runs all year long helping people from Montreal and all of North America book their incredible NYE experience in our fair city. 

Let’s face you will get caught up with the daily grind and before you know it, it is December, and you have no plans for New Year’s Eve and so begins the stress and scrambling to find a hot spot to party at. Here is a list of why you plan New Years’ Eve early this year using

1. Avoid The Last-minute Pressure

We have so much to be stressed about starting with inflation, world war, and trying to live day to day in good health while juggling work and our loved ones. Adding New Year’s Eve to the list of tasks you need to complete need can be easy and the sooner you do it the better your options will be and save you from the holiday jitters. Booking early with the experienced concierges at will give you a wide range of options that will only slowly start to disappear as December approaches. 

Montreal knows how to party and space is limited especially on major events like New Year’s Eve. You do not want to end up partying in a grungy dive bar with a bunch of crackheads because you waited until the last minute to make a decision. You deserve to celebrate all the demanding work you accomplished throughout the year at a beautiful bar, supper club, or nightclub where the atmosphere will be jumping all night long. 

Starting the conversation early especially if you are traveling from outside of Montreal is crucial to getting your favorite friends together for the event. Giving your friends fair warning and ample time to prepare themselves will make them keener to join you in an adventure in Montreal. You wait too long, and they will make plans of their own with or without you. 

2. Get The Best Hotels

Booking early also gives you better and cheaper choices of hotels at your disposal because you know that prices will only jump higher as the 31st of December approaches. MYNE uses its strong contacts in the hotel industry to find you unbeatable prices for any size group. They can even rent out entire floors of hotels, so you do not have to worry about making too much noise when you get back home from your wild night of partying. 

MYNE will accommodate you according to your needs and it does not matter if you want a budget hotel or the penthouse suite in a luxury hotel. There never is any judgment and their goal is to curate your weekend to match your needs. You also want your hotel to be booked in the heart of the downtown core of Montreal where all the action is taking place and is easily accessible. The longer you wait, the more likely those downtown hotels are filling up, forcing you to get further away from venues, and adding more travel issues to your budget. 

3. Travel Made Easy

Traveling is not getting any cheaper and around the holiday prices go to crazy heights but when book early you can find better rates. Working with MYNE they will build your travel itinerary that can involve flights or buses to get to Montreal. Once again, they will use their twenty years of experience and contacts to find you unbeatable rates. If you are a part of a large group, they will even organize a private bus for you and your crew. 

Their support does not end once you land because MYNE can also arrange your travel to your hotel and back to the airport once your weekend is done. They will not stop there either because if you want to rent a limo or party bus to get to your NYE venue, they will book that too. The is the leading service provider in Montreal for NYE for a reason they take care of you through and through.

4. Best Spots To Party

Waiting until the last minute to book your New Years’ Eve plans could lead to an absolute disaster especially if you are foolish enough to believe you can get tickets to the hottest venue in Montreal on the 31st. The best venues in Montreal are all sold out way before the 31st and having worked in the industry I can tell you from experience how many people are baffled by this. 

If you want to party in the most happening clubs in Montreal, you have to book early and there is no arguing that. MYNE has access to all the hottest venues collaborating with them to promote and sell their events. Working with MYNE early will allow you to choose your destination based on your taste and not on what few options are left. Booking early allows you to get fussy and find the event suited for you and your friends because settling for second best will not cut it. 

So, that for which are you waiting? Get ahead of the game and book your New Years Eve in Montreal now by visiting