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A Nighttime Oasis Perfect for Date Night

Whether planning a romantic date night or looking for a unique family outing, Montreal offers an enchanting and unforgettable experience: The Gardens of Light. Hosted at the Montreal Botanical Garden, this annual event is the perfect setting for lovebirds seeking a magical backdrop and families wanting to introduce their kids to the wonders of art and nature. As you stroll through the illuminated gardens, you’ll find that each glowing lantern and each twinkling light adds a layer of magic to the evening. In this blog, we’ll delve into what makes the Gardens of Light a must-see attraction in Montreal, whether you’re a couple in love or a family searching for adventure. will help you create your epic night by booking you a table at one of Montreal’s fine restaurants, and they will even hook you up with one of Montreal’s nightclubs or bars if you want to have a drink or two after the concert. That is not all; if you come from out of town, will also care for your hotel needs in ideal city areas and your travel accommodations at the best rates. Call or text them now at 438-995-6496 to find out how you can have the perfect night in Montreal.

The Gardens of Light, known as “Jardins de Lumière” in French, has been a staple in Montreal for over 27 years. The event takes place each autumn and features hundreds of colorful lanterns that hang from the trees, creating a mesmerizing canopy of light. Three distinct gardens are illuminated: the Garden of China, the Japanese Garden, and the First Nations Garden. Each garden tells a unique story and offers a different cultural experience.

The Gardens and Their Stories

The Garden of China

This garden highlights China’s rich fishing history. Gigantic fish lanterns appear with one head and ten bodies, transforming magically into birds to escape the fishermen casting their lines in the lake. The intricate lanterns are designed in Montreal and crafted in China by local artisans.

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The First Nations Garden

Here, a sacred tree is spotlighted, representing the heartbeat of Mother Earth. The drums and lighting create a slightly eerie yet captivating atmosphere, perfect for cool fall evenings. Stories and legends from Aboriginal storytellers are also featured on Saturday nights.

The Japanese Garden

The Japanese Garden offers a meditative mood. The lights here are more subtle, highlighting the foliage rather than overwhelming it with color. Musicians perform in the Japanese pavilion on Friday and Saturday evenings, adding to the serene environment.

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What Visitors Are Saying

Visitors often describe their experience as “magical” and “enchanting,” even when it rains. The Gardens of Light is a visual spectacle and an interactive experience. You can easily spend a couple of hours participating in various activities and learning about each culture represented in the gardens.

Practical Information

The Gardens of Light event runs from early September to late October. Tickets can be purchased on-site or online, but it’s advisable to buy them in advance as the event is quite popular. The exhibit takes place rain or shine, so dress appropriately. Admission prices vary, and the event is accessible by public transportation.

Why You Should Visit

The Gardens of Light uniquely blend natural beauty and cultural enrichment. It’s an Instagrammable spot that’s not just for photos but also for experiencing the richness of different cultures and the splendor of nature illuminated.


Whether you are a local or a tourist, the Gardens of Light in Montreal offers a unique experience you will want to experience. It’s a place where art, culture, and nature unite to create a magical evening that will leave you in awe.

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