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Forget dating apps and go on the hunt in the real world.

Feeling lonely because of Valentine’s Day, you don’t have to be; there is plenty of fish in the sea in Montreal, and heading to one of these clubs will increase your chances of picking up exponentially. No one wants to be alone on Valentine’s Day, but if you sit on the couch all night swiping left on Tinder, your chances of success are undoubtedly slim. You have to get out there, take the bull by the horns, talk to people face to face and try to get a phone number or a social media add. 

Montreal’s nightclubs are great places to meet new people and, who knows, maybe even a new lover. If you want access to the hottest clubs in Montreal, skip the lineups and get table service with ease, you need to book with, which has the hookups you need. If you’re traveling from out of town, can not only take care of your nightclub needs, but it can also take care of your restaurant, hotel, and travel needs, and it’s just a phone call or text away.

Montreal is ripe with singles, and you don’t have to be alone on Valentine’s Day, but if you do go on the hunt and want Cupid on your side, there are some general rules you need to follow.

Dress Appropriately

It would be best to determine what is best to wear for the nightclub of your choice. If the nightclub you are going to is very trendy and upscale, you should definitely dress that way. The same goes if you are going to a more casual bar; you want to avoid showing up in a three-piece suit with tails; dress the part. Either way, always dress to impress.

Respect is everything.

Being on the prowl doesn’t mean you have to be a creep because respect will get you much better results than harassing a potential partner. Don’t stare too long, always be polite, and if someone tells you they’re not interested and to back off, listen to them! It doesn’t matter if he’s the hottest guy in the club, and you have to have him; if he’s not interested, let it go. 

Guys, take it from a bartender who has seen too many drunk guys trying to woo a woman fall all over the place and not take a hint. They are annoying and will never succeed. Be respectful, control your drinking, and read the signals sent your way; before you know it, you will be on the dance floor bumping and grinding. 

Do not be cheap!

Buying a drink is not only an icebreaker but can also serve as a tool to prolong your chances of talking. It does not matter what gender you are, don’t be afraid to buy someone a drink, especially if you’re into them. They may have purchased the first couple of rounds, and you should offer to buy the next; it shows your interest and agrees to extend the conversation even further. 

These are just some of the rules you should follow if you want to improve your chances in the dating game. Now it’s time to find the right nightclub, and the following trendy spots are the places to find some love.

Le Rouge Bar

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Le Rouge Bar has been rocking the boulevard St. Laurent for nearly twenty years and has always had a reputation as a wild pick-up joint where the ladies are not afraid to go on the hunt themselves. Things get wild inside the Rouge, so you’ll have to make some moves if you have any hope of picking up, but there’s so much opportunity that you’re bound to connect with someone at some point during the night.


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Modeled after the classic burlesque houses of yesteryear, Bord’Elle attracts an older, more sophisticated crowd of professional singles. Dress to impress and leave your sneakers and tattered jeans at home, and while you are there, groom yourself to look as sharp as possible. At worst, if you don’t pick up a potential mate, you can enjoy the sexy acrobats and burlesque performances throughout the night while sipping on your Vodka-7.

Club Unity

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Located in the heart of the village, Club Unity is a gay bar open to all and a great place to pick up, especially if you are part of the LGBT community. 2 rooms with different DJs provide amazing music to encourage your search for a Valentine’s lover. Any form of harassment will result in immediate expulsion, have fun but always be respectful. 

La Voute

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Located in an old bank vault in Old Montreal, La Voute is sure to be filled with treasures for everyone to enjoy. Not only are there great in-house performances by acrobats and other circus-like performers, but there are also great DJs and food to keep you occupied. Dress to impress, and the bottle service always attracts singles, and at La Voute, there are plenty. 

Yoko Luna 

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The trendiest club in Montreal, Yoko Luna is Canada’s largest supper club located in downtown Montreal. Beautiful men and women flock here, and if you want to get in, you definitely need to book at for easy access. On Thursday, February 16th, DJ Joshwa from the United Kingdom will take over the turntables, and will be an excellent opportunity for you to pick them up. The dance floor will be jumping, so be sure to work on your dance moves. 


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Hip-hop and EDM lovers will love Muzique because you get the best of both worlds all night long. Two separate rooms with plenty of bar space and plenty of booths for bottle service are on the menu. The crowd is diverse, and you can bet the singles-to-couples ratio is in your favor. You will need to get there early to have any hope of getting in, but that’s why is here to help. You can focus on picking up and not stressing about getting into one of Montreal’s most iconic nightclubs.