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Celebrating Women’s Hockey in the PWHL

Montreal, a city with a deep-rooted passion for hockey sparked by the legendary Montreal Canadiens, is now witnessing a thrilling evolution in the sport. This evolution is vividly seen in women’s hockey, particularly with the rise of the Montreal Echo in the Professional Women’s Hockey League (PWHL). The Echo, symbolizing resilience, talent, and the growing appeal of women’s hockey, is a testament to the city’s love for the game. This article delves into the heart of the PWHL and the Montreal Echo’s impact, showcasing why spending an evening at their game is more than just entertainment – it’s a celebration of hockey’s rich legacy in Montreal, shared among families and friends alike.

The PWHL is a shining example of professional women’s hockey, displaying talent, determination, and sportsmanship. It’s a platform where female hockey players showcase their skills and inspire future generations. Playing home games in a dynamic atmosphere, the Montreal Echo mirrors Montreal’s hockey passion. Their games, held in various arenas such as the Verdun Auditorium or Place Bell in Laval, are the perfect venues to help the team grow in popularity. One day soon, they will be sharing the ice of the Bell Centre with the Montreal Canadiens. To make this dream possible, it is up to fans and corporate sponsors to rally behind the team, giving them the love and support they deserve. is your go-to for a fabulous night out in Montreal. They’ll sort you out with a table at a great restaurant, and if you’re up for drinks after your concert, they’ve got connections with the most excellent clubs and bars in town. Are you coming from out of town? No sweat; they’ll also hook you up with sweet hotel spots and travel deals. Just give them a ring or shoot a text at 438-995-6496 and get ready for a fantastic night in Montreal!

Supporting the League and The Montreal Echo 

Being a fan of the PWHL and the Montreal Echo means joining a movement. It’s not just about attending games; it involves purchasing merchandise, engaging on social media, and becoming a season ticket holder. Every game attended, jersey bought, and cheer made helps grow women’s hockey and gives these athletes the recognition they deserve.

The ticket prices are incredibly affordable, and you can even buy half-season tickets. In the leagues and the Montreal Echo’s inaugural season, it is crucial to stand behind them. So far, the turnout has been great, with thousands of fans filling the seats with enthusiasm; let’s keep it to ensure that the Echo will become a household name and inspiration for young girls in Montreal to reach for. Get your tickets by clicking right here!

A Perfect Night Out

Attending a Montreal Echo game is about more than just watching a hockey match; it’s an experience. It’s perfect for a family night out, where children can witness the power of dedication and teamwork. For friends, it’s an exciting way to spend an evening filled with the thrill of the game and the communal spirit of cheering for a beloved team. The atmosphere at these games is electrifying, with fans of all ages coming together to support their team.

Montreal’s Notable Players and Their Impact

The Montreal Echo’s roster features players who have significantly impacted both on and off the ice. These include athletes who have represented their countries internationally and have been role models for aspiring young athletes. Their dedication and skill exemplify the high level of play in the PWHL. Here is a brief overview of Montreal’s star players to watch for on the ice.

Marie-Philip Poulin

  • Position: Forward
  • Background: Poulin is a highly acclaimed player known for her leadership and exceptional skills on the ice. She has been a key figure in Team Canada and is celebrated for her significant contributions to women’s hockey.
  • Impact: Poulin brings a wealth of experience and a winning mentality to the Montreal team, making her a pivotal player in offensive and leadership roles.

Ann-Sophie Bettez

  • Position: Forward
  • Background: Bettez has a solid Canadian women’s hockey history, marked by consistently high performance and scoring ability. She has played in various leagues, showcasing her skill and versatility.
  • Impact: Her experience and scoring ability add significant firepower to the Montreal team’s forward line, making her a crucial player in offensive strategies.

Kennedy Marchment

  • Position: Forward
  • Background: Marchment has a rich professional history, including playing in the SDHL and the PHF. Known for her scoring pace and assists, she has consistently performed professionally.
  • Impact: With her ability to score and assist consistently, Marchment is expected to be a key offensive player for the Montreal team, contributing significantly to their attacking play.

Erin Ambrose

  • Position: Defense
  • Background: Ambrose has been a regular in Team Canada and is known for her defensive reliability and strong positioning. Her experience includes playing for Les Canadiennes and being an assistant coach at Concordia University.
  • Impact: As a veteran and leader, Ambrose is expected to play a significant role in the team’s defensive strategies, bringing stability and expertise to the back line.

Dominika Lásková

  • Position: Defense
  • Background: Lásková, a former Merrimack Warrior, has played in the PHF and was part of the Toronto Six team that won the PHF championship. She has also been a part of the Czech national team.
  • Impact: Lásková’s experience in both club and international hockey adds depth to the Montreal team’s defense, contributing to their overall defensive strength.

Ann-Renée Desbiens

  • Position: Goaltender
  • Background: Desbiens is known for her experience and reliability in the goaltending position. She has been a significant figure in women’s hockey, bringing high skill and consistency to her role.
  • Impact: As a key figure in goal, Desbiens’ experience and reliability are crucial for the Montreal team, providing them with a solid last line of defense.

These players bring a blend of skill, experience, and leadership to the Montreal team, making them strong contenders in the PWHL. Their talents and combined synergy are expected to make the team a formidable force in the league.

Montreal Echo’s Home Game Schedule


  • Sun, Feb 18: Montreal vs. Minnesota, 1:00 PM EST at Place Bell
  • Sat, Feb 24: Montreal vs. Ottawa, 2:30 PM EST at Verdun Auditorium


  • Sat, Mar 2: Montreal vs. Boston, 4:00 PM EST at Verdun Auditorium
  • Sun, Mar 10: Montreal vs. Ottawa, 4:00 PM EDT at Place Bell
  • Sat, Mar 16: Montreal vs. Toronto, Time TBD at TBD


  • Fri, Apr 19: Montreal vs. New York, 7:00 PM EDT at Verdun Auditorium
  • Sun, Apr 21: Montreal vs. Toronto, Time TBD at Verdun Auditorium
  • Wed, Apr 24: Montreal vs. Minnesota, 7:00 PM EDT at Verdun Auditorium

Please note that all game times and venues are subject to change. For the most up-to-date information, visit the PWHL’s official schedule page.