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After Dancing in The Cold, you will Want to Grab a Drink or Two Indoors 

Igloofest, unfortunately, has to close its doors at 12:30 am, which means if you are still feeling the party vibe, you will want to stay home. Lucky for you, there are some incredible nightclubs and bars in the Old Port of Montreal where you can keep the fun rolling until 3:00 am. 

We recommend planning ahead and ensuring that you bring the appropriate attire to get you into some trendier spots in the Old Port. You will only get a few places if you have a decent outfit underneath your winter gear. Coat checks are obviously available in winter in all Montreal establishments, but they will refuse to take on your entire closet. 

A significant advantage of staying in the Old Port area is that you can stay close to Igloofest, and you can save money on taking a cab into the city’s core and getting stranded in traffic along the way. With a brisk walk, you can make it to any of these fine establishments, and you will be dressed for it too. 

Reserve A Booth with Bottle Service

We also strongly suggest you get on the guestlist or reserve a booth or table, which is even better and safer to get indoors quickly. Remember that the guest list is not available all night long and be sure to respect their rules for time; otherwise, begging at the door will be useless. Nightclubs and bars are always wary of holding on to tables into the wee hours of the night in case the group that booked it suddenly cancels, and to remedy getting bumped, make a prepayment on your bottles. 

Your booth and guestlist will be backed by your dollars, and the club will accept you with open arms. We love to party all night long, and just because Igloofest has to turn off their lights and send you on your merry does not mean you have to go home. Sticking to the Old Port is your best to keep the fun going, and these are the best bars and Nightclubs you should visit. 


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Location: 690 Notre Dame Ouest, Montreal, QC, Canada, H3C 0S5

Walking to Farsides will take 10 minutes on foot and if you are lazy, about 4 minutes by cab. Farsides’ brilliant décor incorporating an 80s Brooklyn feel combined with Hawaiian/Asian aesthetics makes it an utterly unique spot in the Old Port. Farsides is a restaurant that stays up late, becoming a bar once the kitchen is closed; expect to hear some great hip-hop when you step through their doors. 


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Location: 390 Saint-Jacques O, Montreal, QC, Canada, H2Y 1S1

Bord’Elle is a chic resto-nightclub that transports you into a burlesque world with outstanding performers to keep you entertained while you dance and drink the night away. The dress code is strict, and getting table service is highly recommended for the ultimate experience. Bord’Elle is just a 9-10 minute walk away from Igloofest, less than a KM away.

La Voute

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Location: 360 rue St-Jacques Montreal, QC, Canada H2Y2N1

You can easily handle the 650-meter that could take you 5 to 10 minutes, depending on your pace, to reach this trendy nightclub.  La Voute is nestled inside a gigantic bank vault where you can enjoy some fine sushi and enjoy a variety of performances by acrobats and dancers. Going to the bank is suddenly fun again, and after Igloofest, it is a great spot to keep on dancing. 

Santos Tapas Bar

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Location: 191 rue Saint-Paul O. Montreal, QC, Canada H2Y 1Z5

If anyone you are partying with at Igloofest says Santos is too far, they are lying because it is a 3-minute walk to get in front of their doors. If you are craving some tasty cocktails in an intimate setting or love to eat Spanish-style tapas, Santos is the place for you. 

Cold Room

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Location: Rue Saint-Vincent, Montréal, QC H2Y 1G8

The Coldroom asks you to follow the duck to find its “hidden location” and will take you about 8 minutes on foot to find this hidden gem. Be forewarned that they take no reservations, and space is limited, so getting access may require some luck. If you do manage to get into the Coldroom, you will be pleasantly surprised by the quality of drinks served by expert mixologists.


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Location: 417 Rue St-Pierre Montreal, QC, Canada H2Y 2M3 

Flyjin is a happening spot at the Old Port that plays electronic and house music on the regular, making it an excellent location to keep the Igloofest vibe alive and well all night long. You can practically dance to Flyjin, which is only a 5-minute walk away from Igloofest. We highly recommend getting table service if you want to improve your chances of getting into this hotspot, especially on the weekends. 

Bar Le Confessional 

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Location: 431 McGill Montreal, QC, Canada H2Y 2H1

Le Confessional is a great pick-up spot where the clientele love to dance, flirt and drink. Walking 7 minutes to Le Confessional is a breeze from Igloofest and worth it if you want to let loose until 3:00am. With a handful of bars to serve you and great music Le Confessional is a solid spot to visit after Igloofest.