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Come for the Food, Stay For the Drinks

Street Monkeys stands as a testament to culinary innovation and a beacon of Cambodian cuisine with a modern twist. Located at 3625 Wellington Street in the welcoming community of Verdun, the restaurant shines as a jewel in Verdun’s dining scene. Its accessibility is a breeze for locals and tourists, thanks to Montreal’s public transportation network and ample parking for those coming by car. The mix of young professionals and families in Verdun provides the perfect audience for Street Monkeys’ unique dining experience. This blog delves into the origins, location, detailed menu offerings, and the distinctive qualities distinguishing Street Monkeys from other restaurants in the city, inviting diners on an unforgettable culinary journey. is your go-to for a fabulous night out in Montreal. They’ll sort you out with a table at a great restaurant, and if you’re up for drinks after your concert, they’ve got connections with the most excellent clubs and bars in town. Are you coming from out of town? No sweat; they’ll also hook you up with sweet hotel spots and travel deals. Just give them a ring or shoot a text at 438-995-6496 and get ready for a fantastic night in Montreal!

The Origins of Street Monkeys

In the vibrant neighborhood of Verdun, Montreal, Street Monkeys stands as a testament to the adventurous spirit and culinary brilliance of four friends, Tota Oung, William Kit, and Sihour Kong, and a shared vision that sprang from their travels across Asia. It was in June 2017 that this unique restaurant opened its doors, inspired by the lively street food culture they experienced, particularly in Cambodia. The sight of stray monkeys during their journey left a lasting impression and inspired the restaurant’s name, symbolizing the authenticity and vibrancy of Cambodian street food they aspired to bring to Montreal.

Tota Oung, the Executive Chef and Co-owner, brings a personal touch to the menu. With his roots in Thailand and upbringing by a Cambodian mother, this blend of heritages allows him to craft a menu that merges Cambodian, Thai, and Montreal influences, offering traditional and innovative dishes. The restaurant serves as a culinary bridge between cultures and embodies the spirit of camaraderie among its founders.

Choosing Verdun as their base was not just a matter of location but a deliberate decision attracted by the area’s welcoming community and the eclectic mix of professionals and families. Verdun, previously uncharted territory for Oung, Kit, and Kong, offered the perfect backdrop for their vision to flourish.

Street Monkeys is more than just a restaurant; it’s a story of friendship, a journey across continents, and a shared passion for celebrating and preserving the rich culinary heritage of Cambodia. Through their dedication, the founders have created a space that not only delights the palate with its fusion of flavors but pays homage to Cambodian street food’s essence, making it a beloved addition to Montreal’s diverse culinary scene.

A Deep Dive into the Menu

The essence of Street Monkeys’ food menu lies in its commitment to small, shareable Cambodian plates. This concept fosters a sense of community and sharing and allows guests to sample a wide variety of dishes. Here are some standout dishes:

Spicy Fried Chicken

Marinated with shrimp paste, oyster sauce, makrut lime leaf, and garlic, this dish is a crispy delight that balances spice with aromatic flavors.


This unique pork dip curry is simmered with shrimp paste, coconut milk, and peanuts. It is served alongside crispy shrimp chips and sprinkled with makrut lime dust for a touch of zest.

Ceviche de Crevettes au Wasabi

An innovative take on ceviche featuring Argentine shrimp dressed in a zesty lime, fish sauce, and wasabi vinaigrette, garnished with spring onion curls, radish, and fried shallot for a crunchy texture.

Nhoam de Pomelo

This refreshing salad combines smoked and dried trout with a vibrant mix of mint, Rau ram, lemongrass, shallot, and fish sauce. It is accented with lime and fried krill for an extra flavor punch.

Kampot Pepper Squid

Celebrating the famed Kampot pepper, this dish features squid seasoned with Kampot pepper and garlic, served with a house oyster sauce and garlic stem, for an unforgettable taste experience​​.

Drink Menu Insights

The drink menu at Street Monkeys is a reflection of their innovative spirit, featuring signature cocktails alongside a curated selection of natural wines and beers. Highlights include:

Signature Cocktails

  • Long Beach is a tropical mix of bourbon, triple sec, coconut, orange bitters, lime, and guava.
  • Yuzu Snooze Yuzu Lose A delightful blend of gin, amaretto, yuzu, and soursop.
  • Ta Marraine Cambodgienne is a bold combination of Cognac Hennessy, apricot brandy, tamarind, chili, and lime with a spiced sugar rim.

Bières/ Natural Wines

A selection of draught and bottled beers, including their own Street Monkeys Lager, crafted in collaboration with 4 Origines, offering a unique taste profile with pomelo and kaffir lime leaf​​. An impressive array of natural wines is available, ranging from bubbly and white to macerations and reds/rosés, ensuring a perfect pairing for any dish on the menu.

Setting Street Monkeys Apart: A Festive Atmosphere with Authentic Flavors

What truly sets Street Monkeys apart is its menu and overall atmosphere. The restaurant offers a festive setting that invites couples and groups to unwind and enjoy. The space, designed with help from a friend, features a large mural that immediately captures the attention, adding to the vibrant and lively ambiance. This combination of great food, inventive drinks, and a welcoming atmosphere has garnered Street Monkeys rave reviews and a loyal following. Guests often comment on how the restaurant brings the festive streets of Asia to Montreal, creating an authentic and unique experience​​.

In conclusion, Street Monkeys is not just a restaurant; it’s a cultural hub that brings the vibrant flavors of Cambodia and Thailand to the heart of Montreal. With its rich history, accessible location, diverse menu, and unique ambiance, It stands out as a must-visit destination for anyone looking to explore authentic Southeast Asian cuisine in a warm, inviting setting.