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You’ll Need To Call In Sick For Work After This Party!

Celebrate One of Montreal’s Elite Nightclubs on Tuesday, October 24th St. Laurent Boulevard has seen its share of challenges, but Muzique has been its beacon since 2009. The Montreal nightlife scene owes a lot to the fourteen-year legacy that Muzique has built, offering clubgoers fantastic music and hosting legendary guests. This year, on Tuesday, October 24th, Muzique invites everyone who thrives in the nightlife to commemorate their 14th anniversary, featuring the renowned DJ Ian Asher. will help you create your epic night by booking you a table at Muzique, and if you want a nice meal they will even hook you up at one of Montreal’s fine restaurants. That is not all; if you come from out of town, will also care for your hotel needs in ideal city areas and your travel accommodations at the best rates. Call or text them now at 438-995-6496 to find out how you can have the perfect night in Montreal.

International DJ on Deck

A luminary in the electronic music realm, Ian Asher’s passion for DJing and production began early, leading him to become a celebrated figure in the house and techno scenes. With a repertoire of critically acclaimed tracks, Ian’s innovative sound has resonated with fans globally. Beyond his music, he’s a staple at numerous festivals and events, captivating audiences with his deep grooves and infectious melodies. For those eager to experience his electrifying performances, Muzique is the place to be on the 24th.

Text or call now at 438-995-6496 and plan your perfect weekend in Montreal. 

Muzique’s Epic Guest List

 Muzique’s reputation as a top-tier club is further solidified by the legendary performers they’ve hosted over the years. The club has seen performances from global icons like Drake, DJ DeadMau5, DJ Tiesto, DJ Avicii, Laidback Luke, Tommy Lee from Motley Crue, and even members of Guns and Roses.

The Artist Formerly Known As…

One unforgettable night at Muzique has become an urban legend. When Prince graced the club with his presence, it was clear that Muzique was on the right track. The legend goes that Prince after the club had closed, held a private concert for the staff and a few fortunate individuals who happened to be there.

Text or call now at 438-995-6496 and plan your perfect weekend in Montreal. 

How To Get In Without Stress

Muzique has been where the unexpected becomes reality for fourteen years. Given its immense popularity, gaining entry can be a challenge. However, with, you can enjoy a VIP experience, skipping the line, booking bottle service, and securing a private booth. With Muzique’s 14th-anniversary party around the corner, you want to be caught with the best hook-up in town while you wait in line complaining to the doorman!

How It All Began

Founded in 2009 by nightlife aficionados Michael Bourgeois, Jason Tull Evans, and Richard Bastrash, Muzique quickly became a staple in Montreal’s club scene. From their humble beginnings as bartenders and busboys, the trio has emerged as a dominant force in Montreal’s nightlife, opening other iconic venues like Bord’Elle, Far Sides, and Hang in the Old Port of Montreal.

Text or call now at 438-995-6496 and plan your perfect weekend in Montreal. 

How To Get There And What To Expect

Muzique is situated south of Roy Street and just below Pine Avenue on St. Laurent Boulevard. The club features separate rooms that highlight two different musical identities. Upon entering the club, the front room focuses on electronic dance music, and when you venture from the back of the club to the second room, hip-hop and R&B will hit your soul.

Muzique has not held back with stunning décor and an incredible sound system that will have your body moving in no time. Four bars are available to keep your thirst at bay; bottle service is customary in the club. When weather permits, Muzique has a rooftop lounge where patrons can freely get some fresh air and chat with their friends.

Join Muzique And Party All Night Long

Muzique has withstood the test of time for fourteen years by offering Montrealers and travelers worldwide an elite product that has only improved throughout its tenure. If you want to be a part of and see the who is who of the Montreal nightlife industry, this anniversary bash is the place to be. Leave the car keys at home because there will be drinking, and it is time to let loose in one of Montreal’s finest clubs.

The Party Doesn’t Stop All Year Long

Muzique is open from Friday to Sunday from 10:00 PM to 3:00 AM. The dress code demands that you always “dress to impress” and keep in mind the doorman reserves the right to deny entry to the club. Lineups are inevitable, so get there early or book with us. Upcoming events to look out for are Halloween and New Year’s Eve. Check out our affiliate site,, to find out how to book and save money for any party at Muzique.

Text or call now at 438-995-6496 and plan your perfect weekend in Montreal.