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Save Money and Eat like Royalty 

Montreal’s MTLàTABLE is an annual culinary festival that has become a staple in the city’s vibrant food scene. Celebrating its 11th edition in 2023, this event has a rich history of bringing together food lovers and the culinary community. It began as a way to showcase the diversity and creativity of Montreal’s restaurants, offering specially priced menus to encourage diners to try new establishments and revisit favorites. Over the years, MTLàTABLE has grown in popularity, becoming a highly anticipated event that highlights the city’s gastronomic talents and the unique flavors of Quebec.

A Tradition of Taste

MTLàTABLE has become a hallmark event for Montreal, showcasing the city’s diverse culinary landscape. It’s an opportunity for food enthusiasts to indulge in specially curated menus at fixed prices, making fine dining accessible to a broader audience. The event’s history is steeped in the city’s love for good food and community, bringing people together to share the joy of dining and discovery.

The Culinary Lineup

This year’s MTLàTABLE is no exception, with an impressive roster of restaurants offering their unique dishes at set prices. Whether you’re planning a romantic date night or an evening out with friends, the selection of eateries promises an unforgettable gastronomic experience.

$83 Set-Price Category

  • Lawrence: Nestled at 9 Fairmount Avenue East, Lawrence offers a menu that includes a variety of seafood, pasta, and poultry, complemented by delectable desserts.
  • Lloyd: Located at 1 Place du Canada, Lloyd provides a sophisticated ambiance paired with a robust menu featuring salmon gravlax and pan-seared salmon with a rich Québec morel sauce.
  • Chez Lévêque: At 1030 Laurier Avenue West, this establishment is a bastion of classic French cuisine, offering dishes like escargot in puff pastry and tender veal stew.
  • Ratafia: With an extensive wine list, Ratafia at 6778 Saint-Laurent Boulevard serves up delights such as beef short rib with a unique coffee and goria pepper sauce.
  • Bistro La Franquette: Chef Louie Deligianis at 374 Victoria Avenue crafts a seasonal four-course menu that features house-made halloumi and succulent sea bass with watercress coulis.

$68 Set-Price Category

  • Ibéricos: Dive into Spanish flavors at 4475 Saint-Denis Street with offerings like truffle aioli paella and a selection of Iberian cheeses.
  • Chez Victoire: This bistro at 1453 Du Mont-Royal Avenue East combines French culinary artistry with a curated wine selection.
  • Kitchen Galerie: At 60 Jean-Talon Street East, the market-driven menu includes foie gras parfait and homemade ricotta gnocchi.
  • Kamúy: Experience the pan-Caribbean flair at 1485 Jeanne-Mance Street with Chef Paul Toussaint’s creations like seafood jambalaya.
  • Bistro Tendresse: For a plant-based dining experience, 1259 Sainte-Catherine Street East offers vegan dishes that highlight local Québec produce.
  • Bagatelle Bistro: A neighborhood gem at 4323 Ontario Street East, Bagatelle Bistro delights with Mediterranean-inspired dishes that celebrate the season’s best.
  • Gaston: At 2666 Masson Street, Gaston serves French-inspired fare with a focus on the freshest ingredients, featuring dishes like marinated pork chop with wild mushroom sauce.
  • Les Canailles: Located at 3854 Ontario Street East, Les Canailles offers a twist on French cuisine with creative dishes such as salmon tartare with soya lime mayonnaise.
  • Monsieur B: A chic bistro at 371 Villeneuve Street East, Monsieur B is known for its French classics, including a sumptuous duck confit.
  • Restaurant Le Square: Situated at 162 Prince-Arthur Street East, Le Square has been a staple for fine French dining, offering expertly crafted dishes in a lively pedestrian area.

$53 Set-Price Category

  • Joséphine: Seafood takes center stage at 4007 Saint-Denis Street with offerings like fresh salmon tartare and lobster rolls.
  • Brasserie T! Beau Mont: Indulge in refined dishes at 950 Beaumont Avenue, where the menu is crafted with precision and care.
  • Palomar: At 200 Jean-Talon Street East, enjoy Québec-inspired dishes with a twist, such as BBQ eel and sea urchin.
  • Le Virunga: Explore sub-Saharan flavors at 851 Rachel Street East with a pan-African menu that includes goat meatloaf and beef chuck roast.
  • Rita: Italian cuisine shines at 3681 Wellington Street with classic pizzas, risotto, and desserts like olive oil cake.
  • La Raclette: For a Swiss experience, head to 1059 Gilford Street and indulge in a traditional fondue and a selection of sorbets.
  • Cabotins: This quirky spot at 4821 Sainte-Catherine Street East offers a menu featuring aged Wagyu beef skewers seasoned with white wine and Montreal steak spices.
  • Restaurant La Rose des Sables: At 1815 Beaubien Street East, savor the exotic flavors of Tunisia with dishes like lamb gargoulette and vegetable couscous.

$38 Set-Price Category

  • Bonheur d’Occasion: A newcomer at 4001 Notre-Dame Street West, this spot offers seasonal dishes like beef rump in a savory black garlic jus.
  • Fugazzi Pizza: For a laid-back vibe and artisanal pizzas, head to 1886 Centre Street.
  • Aqua E Farina: In the Old Port at 12 Commune West Street, savor Italian staples and fresh bread with whipped ricotta.
  • La Toxica: Get a taste of Mexico at 7221 Saint-Hubert Street with traditional enchiladas and quesadillas.
  • Tsukuyomi: Warm up with ramen and Japanese dishes at 1242 Bishop Street, perfect for a cozy night out.

MTLàTABLE is more than just a food festival; it’s a celebration of Montreal’s culinary excellence and a testament to the city’s dynamic food culture. With each restaurant offering a unique dining experience, participants are encouraged to explore new flavors and revisit old favorites. As reservations fill up quickly, it’s advisable to book your spot in advance to ensure a seat at the table of your choice.